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Liaoning is in Northeast China and borders Korea. Its capital city is Shenyang one and a quarter hours' flight from Beijing. Manchus are the largest group among its urban population, Shenyang being the Manchu capital from 1625 until 1644. During that period the impressive Imperial Palace, with an area of almost 60,000 square meters, was built. Two emperors and their empresses were buried at the North Tomb and the East Tomb. The city is both an industrial and cultural center. China's best acrobats, Shenyang Acrobats, have their home base here.

Anshan is SW of Shenyang and was colonized by the Japanese in the 1930s until 1945. Now it has China's biggest iron and steel works. Anshan's main attractions include Mt. Qianshan, 44 square km of wilderness and jagged peaks, 5 Buddhist temples, a Taoist temple and Tanggangzi Hot Spring Sanatorium, where visitors can relax, drink mineral water, and get physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture treatment. Its specialties are Haicheng silk, ginseng and Nanguo pears.

Dalian is an ice-free port near the southern tip of Liaoning province. It has a lot of old tsarist and Japanese architecture and a high percentage of first-rate hotels. It is one of the Fourteen Open Coastal Cities, with 1800 km of coastline and some swimming beaches. The Snake Island, 25 nautical miles away, has an estimated 13,000 pit vipers and is a snake sanctuary. Tourists can buy shell pictures, fancy glass ornaments and dishes here. Fresh seafood is available in hotels and restaurants.

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