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Jilin province is in Northeast China. It is north of Liaoning province and borders on Korea and Russia. Koreans, Manchus and Mongols are among its 24 million people. There is a Korean area and an ancient Korean capital dating back 1400 years.

Jilin's capital city, Changchun ( Lasting Spring), is one and a half hours' flight from Beijing. Very cold in winter (lowest minus 30 degrees Celsius), the citizens produce lively and colorful ice carvings in the winter months. Changchun was the capital of Japanese-controlled "Manchu Country" from 1931 until 1945. The Museum of the Former Palaces of the Last Emperor Pu Yi, was used as sets in the movie The Last Emperor. Photographs of the emperor, his weddings, wives, parents and English teacher are on display. Chanbaishan (White Mountain) Nature Reserve has tigers, deer, sable and its own mythical monster. Changchun No. 1 Motor Vehicle Plant was China's first automobile plant.

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