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Guizhou is on a plateau at an altitude of 1070 meters. The terrain is rugged, with karst formations, underground rivers, jagged peaks, dramatic valleys and terraced rice fields. Our capital city, Guiyang, has karst caves, wild monkeys, temples, and a bird sanctuary. Huangguoshu Falls, China's biggest waterfall, is 76 meters wide and 84 meters high. One can explore the caves behind the falls, the mountainous area providing stunning views.

Over twenty-six percent of Guizhou's population are minorities. Festivals in this region include bull fights, dragon boats, horse races, and Lusheng dancing. Some rural villages are untouched by tourists. Each retains most of their unique customs. They are hospitable and warm, wear brilliant and beautiful ethnic clothing, hold elaborate welcoming ceremonies, worship their totem, and play intriguing music, dance graceful dances. Miao women wear much silver jewelry. Dong architecture is unusual and charming.

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