(Magdelaine PLANCHE - Timothy James POCHE )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Magdelaine PLANCHE (bp. 5 JAN 1614, d. BEF 1650)
Marguerite PLANCHE (b. ABT 1550)
Marguerite PLANCHE (bp. 4 MAY 1584)
Marguerite PLANCHE (bp. 18 MAR 1605, d. BEF 1650)
Marguerite PLANCHE (bp. 21 MAR 1613)
Martin PLANCHE (b. bef 1467, d. AFT 1525)
Petermand PLANCHE (bp. 27 JAN 1604)
Pettermand PLANCHE (b. BEF 1547, d. 1588)
Pierre PLANCHE (bp. 18 FEB 1583, d. BEF 1641)
Samuel PLANCHE (bp. 25 JUN 1615)
Susanne PLANCHE (bp. 23 MAR 1607, d. AFT 1650)
Marie [Mayor (des PLANCHES) (bp. 07 MAR 1596)
Pierre PLANCHET (dates unknown)
William PLASSE (b. 1571, d. 1646)
Adrienne PLATTNER (dates unknown)
Andrew Todd PLATTNER (dates unknown)
Justin PLATTNER (dates unknown)
Marie PLENC (dates unknown)
Paul PLENC (dates unknown)
Marie PLONJON (dates unknown)
Gabrielle Marie PLOWDEN (dates unknown)
Gale Anne PLUGGE (dates unknown)
Anne PLUMETAZ (dates unknown)
Jacob PLUMETAZ (dates unknown)
Edward Terry PLUMMER (dates unknown)
Edward Williams PLUMMER (dates unknown)
Margaret Faye PLUMMER (dates unknown)
Marjorie Lee PLUMMER (dates unknown)
Michael Duane PLUMMER (dates unknown)
Thomas Edward PLUMMER (dates unknown)
Thomas Lee PLUMMER (b. 4 DEC 1886, d. 7 JUN 1967)
Vesper Levelle PLUMMER (b. 5 NOV 1917, d. 17 APR 1970)
_____ PLUNKETT (dates unknown)
Timothy James POCHE (dates unknown)

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