(Martha PHILLIPS - Judy Marie PICKING )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Martha PHILLIPS (dates unknown)
Vicki PHILLIPS (dates unknown)
Christiana PHILPOT (dates unknown)
Thomas PHILPOT (dates unknown)
Olive PHILPOTT (dates unknown)
Joseph H. PHIPPS (b. 1876)
Mable PHIPPS (b. 1901)
Mildred PHIPPS (b. JAN 1904)
Françoise PIACHAUD (b. ABT 1690, d. 24 AUG 1750)
Paul PICARD (dates unknown)
Barbille PICCARD (d. BEF 1621)
George Abraham Antoine PICCARD (bp. 11 MAY 1732)
Jaques PICCARD (d. bef 1599)
Samuel PICCARD (dates unknown)
Samuel PICCARD (d. 1782)
Esther PICHOLAT (dates unknown)
Magdelaine PICHONAT (dates unknown)
Abraham PICHONNAT (dates unknown)
Daniel PICHONNAT (d. BEF 1700)
François PICHONNAT (d. BEF 1740)
Jean Antoine PICHONNAT (dates unknown)
Jean Daniel PICHONNAT (dates unknown)
Jean François PICHONNAT (dates unknown)
Jean Jacob PICHONNAT (b. ABT 1713, d. 26 APR 1766)
Jeanne Claudine PICHONNAT (bp. 19 SEP 1697)
Jeanne Françoise PICHONNAT (bp. 2 FEB 1691)
Marie PICHONNAT (dates unknown)
Marie PICHONNAT (dates unknown)
Pierre PICHONNAT (dates unknown)
Benoit PICHOT (d. bef 1589)
Esther PICHOT (dates unknown)
Magdelaine PICHOUD (dates unknown)
Edward Alonzo PICKING (dates unknown)
Judy Marie PICKING (dates unknown)

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Legend: Protestant minister.

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