(Teddy PETERS - Félix-Joseph-Marie-François PEYRON )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Teddy PETERS (dates unknown)
Ellen Isabell PETERSON (dates unknown)
Mary Jean PETERSON (dates unknown)
Nathan PETERSON (dates unknown)
Robert McNatt PETERSON (dates unknown)
Thomas A. PETERSON (dates unknown)
Adam PETIT (dates unknown)
Françoise PETIT (dates unknown)
Marguerite PETITOT (d. 28 DEC 1579)
Jeanne Pernette PETITPIERRE (dates unknown)
Judith PETITPIERRE (d. aft 1711)
Magdelaine Elizabeth PETITPIERRE (dates unknown)
Olivier PETITPIERRE (dates unknown)
John PETLE (dates unknown)
Richard PETLE (dates unknown)
Agnes PETLEY (dates unknown)
John PETLEY (d. 1394 (18R2))
John PETLEY (d. 1467 (6EDWARD4))
John PETLEY (d. 1518 (9HENRY8))
Thomas PETLEY (dates unknown)
Jean PETON (dates unknown)
Marie PETOUZ (dates unknown)
Susanne PETREMAND (b. 21 JAN 1773, d. 26 FEB 1860)
Curtis E. PETTINGILL (dates unknown)
Edwin C. PETTINGILL (dates unknown)
Eliphalet PETTINGILL (dates unknown)
Elizabeth PETTINGILL (dates unknown)
George W. PETTINGILL (dates unknown)
Henrietta PETTINGILL (dates unknown)
Matilda PETTINGILL (b. abt 1830)
Jacob PEUDECHAIRE (dates unknown)
Anne PEYRON (d. AFT 1641)
Augustine-Constance-Fanny PEYRON (b. 18 SEP 1831)
Félix-Joseph-Marie-François PEYRON (b. 17 NOV 1873, d. 23 APR 1931)

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