(Blaise PERRIN - Benjamin PERRY )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Blaise PERRIN (dates unknown)
Clauda PERRIN (dates unknown)
Claude PERRIN (d. bef 1575)
François PERRIN (dates unknown)
François PERRIN (d. BEF 1816)
Fréderic PERRIN (dates unknown)
Isaac PERRIN (dates unknown)
Jean PERRIN (d. ABT 1571)
Jeanne PERRIN (bp. 18 MAR 1571)
Magdelaine PERRIN (dates unknown)
Marguerite Magdelaine PERRIN (dates unknown)
Marie PERRIN (dates unknown)
Marie PERRIN (bp. 29 NOV 1568)
Marie Claire PERRIN (b. 11 OCT 1679, d. 11 OCT 1753)
Oddet PERRIN (dates unknown)
Pierre PERRIN (dates unknown)
Pierre PERRIN (dates unknown)
Susanne Marguerite PERRIN (dates unknown)
Jean PERRIN-BEAUCHE (dates unknown)
Susanne PERRIN-JAQUET (b. 1623, d. 12 FEB 1672)
Aymonet PERRISSOD (d. bef 1569)
_____ PERROD (dates unknown)
Anteine PERROD (dates unknown)
François PERROD (d. BEF 1564)
Françoise PERROD (dates unknown)
Henriette PERROD (d. ABT 1590)
Pierre PERROD (dates unknown)
Wuillerme PERROD (dates unknown)
Jacob PERROTET (dates unknown)
Jeanne Susanne Elizabeth PERROTET (bp. 13 APR 1733)
Alfred Eugene PERRY (b. 1857)
Almira PERRY (b. 1852)
Arthur E. PERRY (b. 1870)
Benjamin PERRY (b. 1804)

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