DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Jaques JAQUEROD (d. BEF 1597)
Jean JAQUEROD (dates unknown)
Louis JAQUEROD (dates unknown)
Pierre JAQUEROD (bp. 4 APR 1589)
Samuel JAQUEROD (dates unknown)
Susanne JAQUEROD (bp. 13 OCT 1590)
Thievent JAQUEROD (dates unknown)
Thomas JAQUEROD (d. BEF 1567)
Jean Louis JAQUES (dates unknown)
Jean Pierre JAQUES (dates unknown)
Jeanne Magdelaine JAQUES (dates unknown)
Louisa A. JAQUES (b. 1839, d. 1922)
Susanne Louise JAQUES (b. 14 FEB 1798)
Claudine JAQUEZ (d. AFT 1604)
Abraham JAQUIER (bp. 5 NOV 1590)
Angelin JAQUIER (d. BEF 1574)
Anne JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Anne JAQUIER (d. 1693)
Anne Marie JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Anne Marie JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Catherine JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Claude JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Claude JAQUIER (bp. 13 JUN 1585)
Claudine Rosine JAQUIER (bp. 14 APR 1709)
Daniel JAQUIER (bp. 10 MAR 1583)
Elizabeth JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Esther JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Eve JAQUIER (bp. 11 AUG 1587)
Guillaume JAQUIER (d. aft 1563)
Guillaume JAQUIER (d. aft 1613)
Jacob Daniel JAQUIER (bp. 6 AUG 1719)
Jaques JAQUIER (dates unknown)
Jaques JAQUIER (bp. 11 FEB 1624)
Jean JAQUIER (d. 25 APR 1587)

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Legend: Protestant minister.

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