(J. W. HUNTER - Orville ICENOGLE )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

J. W. HUNTER (dates unknown)
Jesse HUNTER (dates unknown)
Lucile HUNTER (dates unknown)
Pearl HUNTER (b. abt 1885)
Mercy HURD\WIDOW BRIGHAM (b. ABT 1613, d. 22 DEC 1693)
Terrill HURLBUT (dates unknown)
Susanne HURNER (dates unknown)
Amanda (Ellen?) Florence HURST (b. 17 MAY 1855, d. 15 APR 1936)
William HURST (dates unknown)
Anna HÜSELI (dates unknown)
Brian HUSTED (dates unknown)
Carl HUSTED (dates unknown)
Edward HUSTED (dates unknown)
Harry HUSTED (dates unknown)
Hayes HUSTED (dates unknown)
Karen HUSTED (dates unknown)
Reta HUSTED (dates unknown)
Sandra HUSTED (dates unknown)
Edward HUSTON (dates unknown)
Mary HUSTON (dates unknown)
_____ HUTCHINSON (dates unknown)
_____ HUTCHINSON (dates unknown)
Sarah HUTCHINSON (b. MAR 1776, d. 18 DEC 1862)
George S. HYDE (dates unknown)
Jeanne ICARD (dates unknown)
Arthur O. ICENOGLE (b. 1891)
Charles T. ICENOGLE (b. 1867)
Clara ICENOGLE (dates unknown)
Edith ICENOGLE (dates unknown)
Everett ICENOGLE (dates unknown)
George ICENOGLE (dates unknown)
Iva ICENOGLE (dates unknown)
Minnie ICENOGLE (dates unknown)
Orville ICENOGLE (b. 23 FEB 1898, d. 22 AUG 1898)

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