(Marc Sigismond Samuel GUIDROZ - Estienne GUILLOT )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Marc Sigismond Samuel GUIDROZ (bp. 20 JUL 1727)
Marguerite GUIDROZ (dates unknown)
Marguerite Estienne GUIDROZ (bp. 18 APR 1729)
Marie GUIDROZ (dates unknown)
Philippe GUIDROZ (dates unknown)
Rosine GUIDROZ (bp. 31 JAN 1729)
Sebastien GUIDROZ (d. bef 1724)
Susanne Marie GUIDROZ (bp. 23 DEC 1671)
Marguerite GUIGAL (b. 1746)
Jules GUIGUER (dates unknown)
Jules GUIGUER (dates unknown)
Julie Augusta GUIGUER DE PRANGINS (b. 21 NOV 1852, d. 25 SEP 1906)
Marie GUILLAMBEAUD (dates unknown)
Anne GUILLAUME (d. bef 1596)
Jean Gabriel GUILLAUME (dates unknown)
Jean Pierre GUILLAUME (d. BEF 1754)
Abraham GUILLEMIN (dates unknown)
Paul GUILLEMIN (dates unknown)
Claude GUILLER (dates unknown)
Jean GUILLER (dates unknown)
Rosine GUILLERMON (dates unknown)
Agathe GUILLET (dates unknown)
Anne GUILLET (dates unknown)
Jean Pierre GUILLET (dates unknown)
Salomon GUILLET (dates unknown)
Grover GUILLIAUM (dates unknown)
Joseph GUILLIERMIN (d. BEF 1652)
Antoine GUILLION (dates unknown)
Pernette GUILLION (dates unknown)
Abraham GUILLOT (bp. 11 FEB 1610)
Anne GUILLOT (b. ABT 1612)
Elizabeth GUILLOT (bp. 12 OCT 1628)
Estienne GUILLOT (bp. 18 SEP 1579)
Estienne GUILLOT (bp. 12 FEB 1626)

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Legend: Protestant minister.

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