(Susanne GROSMANN - Jeanne GROZ )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Susanne GROSMANN (dates unknown)
Anne GROSNICOD (dates unknown)
Hans GROSNICOD (dates unknown)
Jean François GROSNICOD (bp. 13 JUN 1652)
Susanne GROSNICOD (bp. 13 AUG 1654)
Maria Emilia GROSS (dates unknown)
Esther Marguerite GROSSMAN (dates unknown)
Gabriel GROSSMAN (d. BEF 1807)
Samuel GROSSMANN (dates unknown)
Elizabeth GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Francis Egerton GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Georgina Lucy GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Julius Francis Martin GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Rachel Egerton GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Randall GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Randall GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Robert Egerton GROSVENOR (b. 8 FEB 1914, d. 5 MAY 1957)
Robert Victor GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Virginia GROSVENOR (dates unknown)
Gerald Dean GROVER (b. 3 AUG 1891, d. 4 SEP 1971)
Mahala GROVER (d. 1854)
Martha A. GROVER (b. 1812, d. 14 MAR 1896)
Merle GROVER (b. JUL 1895, d. 1957)
Nathaniel K. GROVER (b. SE 1869, d. 1917)
Earl GROVES (dates unknown)
James Fletcher GROWDEN (dates unknown)
James Harold GROWDEN (dates unknown)
James Harold GROWDEN (dates unknown)
Judith Anne GROWDEN (dates unknown)
Mary Lou GROWDEN (dates unknown)
Robin Renee GROWDEN (dates unknown)
William Arthur GROWDEN (dates unknown)
André GROZ (dates unknown)
Jeanne GROZ (dates unknown)

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