(Pettermand GORGERON - Elizabeth GRAHAM )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Pettermand GORGERON (b. BEF 1580)
Susanne GORGERON (b. BEF 1580)
Marie GOS (dates unknown)
George F. GOTT (b. 04 APR 1889, d. 21 JAN 1943)
Marie GOTTFRITEN (dates unknown)
_____ GOTTLEIB (dates unknown)
Catherine GOTTRAU (d. bef 1603)
Elizabeth GOTTRAU (dates unknown)
Martin GOTTRAU (d. 1611)
Marguerite GOTTRAUX (dates unknown)
_____ GOUDARD (dates unknown)
Evaz GOUDARD (d. aft 1610)
Jean GOUDARD (d. aft 1610)
James Wayne GOULDS (dates unknown)
John GOULDS (dates unknown)
Ralph John GOULDS (dates unknown)
Valeria Ellen GOULDS (dates unknown)
Jaques GOUMAZ (dates unknown)
Jean Abraham GOUMAZ (d. BEF 1808)
Jeanne Marie GOUMAZ (dates unknown)
Louise GOUMAZ (dates unknown)
Susanne GOUMAZ (dates unknown)
Susanne Marguerite GOUMAZ (b. 1720, d. 2 FEB 1794)
Helen GOVE (dates unknown)
Kathryn GOVE (dates unknown)
Lowell GOVE (b. 6 JAN 1897, d. MAY 1972)
Jean George GOY (bp. 21 DEC 1673)
Jeanne Susanne GOY (bp. 1 NOV 1711)
Dieter GOYERT (dates unknown)
Jeanne Antoinette GRABER (dates unknown)
Maria GRAF (dates unknown)
Eliza GRAGG (b. 27 JUN 1857)
Clementine GRAHAM (dates unknown)
Elizabeth GRAHAM (d. AFT 1764)

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