(Abraham Isaac GOLAY - William Jaxson GOLDEN )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Abraham Isaac GOLAY (dates unknown)
Abraham Philippe GOLAY (dates unknown)
Abraham Philippe GOLAY (bp. 11 FEB 1713)
Antoine GOLAY (dates unknown)
Baltazard GOLAY (d. 11 FEB 1735)
Balthazard GOLAY (bp. 15 FEB 1727)
Daniel GOLAY (dates unknown)
Daniel Philippe GOLAY (bp. 12 DEC 1678)
Jacob GOLAY (bp. 2 MAR 1684)
Jaques GOLAY (dates unknown)
Jaques GOLAY (bp. 19 JAN 1709)
Jean Pierre GOLAY (bp. 15 AUG 1717)
Jean Samuel GOLAY (bp. 17 APR 1712)
Jeanne Susanne GOLAY (bp. MAR 1680)
Judith Marguerite GOLAY (bp. 4 MAR 1731)
Louise Elizabeth GOLAY (dates unknown)
Marguerite GOLAY (bp. 21 APR 1681)
Marie GOLAY (bp. 16 JAN 1673)
Marie GOLAY (bp. 28 JUL 1725)
Pierre Benjamin GOLAY (bp. 22 SEP 1710)
Pierre Moyse GOLAY (bp. 8 MAY 1707)
Rose Marie GOLAY (bp. 13 MAR 1723)
Susanne GOLAY (dates unknown)
Susanne GOLAY (bp. 15 NOV 1674)
Susanne GOLAY (bp. 30 JAN 1714)
Susanne Magdelaine GOLAY (bp. 24 MAR 1728)
Jean Jonas GOLAZ (dates unknown)
Jeanne Susanne (Jeanneton) GOLAZ (b. 30 JUN 1773)
Judith GOLAZ (dates unknown)
Susanne Madeleine GOLAZ (dates unknown)
Jan Meredith GOLDEN (dates unknown)
Neelje GOLDEN (dates unknown)
Patricia GOLDEN (dates unknown)
William Jaxson GOLDEN (dates unknown)

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