(Marguerite GENIER - Catherine GERMOND )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Marguerite GENIER (dates unknown)
Marie GENIER (dates unknown)
Louis GENILLARD (dates unknown)
David GENTIL (dates unknown)
_____ GEORGE (dates unknown)
Antheine GEORGE (dates unknown)
Clauda GEORGE (dates unknown)
Françoise GEORGE (dates unknown)
Gaspardaz GEORGE (dates unknown)
Guillaume GEORGE (d. BEF 1581)
John GEORGE (dates unknown)
Louise GEORGE (dates unknown)
Michielaz GEORGE (dates unknown)
Pierre GEORGE (dates unknown)
Pierre GEORGE (d. 1561)
Pierre GEORGE (d. aft 1594)
Susannah GEORGE (dates unknown)
Susanne Marie GEORGE (dates unknown)
Alice Helen GERAHTY (dates unknown)
_____ GERALDINE (dates unknown)
Elizabeth GÉRAUDET (dates unknown)
Pierre GÉRAUDET (dates unknown)
Daniel GERBER (dates unknown)
Elsbeth GERBER (dates unknown)
Abraham GERBERON (bp. 26 SEP 1574)
Anne GERBERON (bp. 29 JUN 1572)
Jacob GERBERON (bp. 26 JUN 1569)
Marie GERBERON (bp. 19 JAN 1568)
Martin GERBERON (d. aft 1574)
Esther GERBEX (dates unknown)
Catharina GERMAN (dates unknown)
_____ GERMOND (dates unknown)
Abraham Philippe GERMOND (dates unknown)
Catherine GERMOND (dates unknown)

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Legend: Protestant minister.

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