(Pierre Maurice Théodore DAVID - Dorothy Lucille DAVIS )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Pierre Maurice Théodore DAVID (b. 26 JUN 1869)
Susanne Marie DAVID (dates unknown)
Sylvius DAVID (b. 12 JUN 1823, d. 8 AUG 1834)
Bruce L. DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Charles M. DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Conner Clark DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Joseph DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Kara Irene DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Lauren Michel DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Louis Steven DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Louis Steven DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Michael Scott DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Roberta DAVIDSON (dates unknown)
Daris DAVIES (dates unknown)
Louisa Jane DAVIES (dates unknown)
Mary Sue DAVIES (dates unknown)
Marie Anne Antoinette DAVIN (dates unknown)
Alan Lee DAVIS (dates unknown)
Andrew A. DAVIS (b. 22 JAN 1858, d. 3 JUN 1893)
Angela Kay DAVIS (dates unknown)
Angeline Amelia DAVIS (dates unknown)
Barbara Ann DAVIS (dates unknown)
Benjamin DAVIS (dates unknown)
Benjamin A. DAVIS (b. 14 AUG 1854)
Beverly Jean DAVIS (dates unknown)
Brian Allen DAVIS (dates unknown)
Carrie DAVIS (b. 16 NOV 1881, d. 18 MAY 1908)
Charles DAVIS (b. 17 NOV 1798, d. 14 JUN 1864)
Clair Henry DAVIS (b. 6 MAY 1904, d. 6 JAN 1981)
Cletis Albert DAVIS (b. 26 SEP 1914, d. 7 MAR 1986)
Coleman Jefferson DAVIS (dates unknown)
Cora Ann DAVIS (b. 5 FEB 1882, d. 28 MAR 1953)
Dolores (Dee) Lavern DAVIS (dates unknown)
Dorothy Lucille DAVIS (dates unknown)

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