(Jean Pierre CUAGNY - Sally CULVER )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Jean Pierre CUAGNY (dates unknown)
Susanne Esther CUAGNY (dates unknown)
Jeanne CUARNEROD (dates unknown)
Nicod CUASSOT (dates unknown)
Pierre CUASSOT (dates unknown)
Esther CUCHIN (dates unknown)
Benoicte CUENDET (bp. 10 AUG 1576)
Blaise CUENDET (bp. 9 MAR 1589)
Catherine CUENDET (bp. 10 OCT 1574)
Catherine CUENDET (bp. 9 SEP 1584, d. bef 1591)
Estievent CUENDET (dates unknown)
Jaquemaz CUENDET (bp. 15 APR 1582, d. AFT 1615)
Jean CUENDET (bp. 15 SEP 1571)
Pernon CUENDET (bp. 2 JAN 1586)
Thievent CUENDET (d. ABT JUL 1588)
Pierre CUENDOZ (dates unknown)
Claude CUENET (dates unknown)
Pernette CUENET (dates unknown)
Aimé Jean Marc CUENOD (dates unknown)
Christine CUENOD (dates unknown)
Jean François CUENOD (d. bef 1813)
Elizabeth CUÉNOD (dates unknown)
Jean Louis CUÉNOD (dates unknown)
Victor CUÉNOD (dates unknown)
Françoise CUEX (dates unknown)
Pierre CUEX (dates unknown)
Israel CUGNEAU (bp. 12 MAY 1650)
Israel CUGNEAU (d. bef 1654)
Rodolphe CUINSIN (dates unknown)
Isa CULBERTON (dates unknown)
Ralph CULP (b. 23 SEP 1889)
_____ CULVER (dates unknown)
Jeremiah CULVER (dates unknown)
Sally CULVER (dates unknown)

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Legend: Protestant minister.

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