(Marguerite du BUGNYON - Moyse BULOZ )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Marguerite du BUGNYON (d. bef 1527)
Vuillerme du BUGNYON (dates unknown)
Irma BÜHLER (dates unknown)
Euphrosine BUHLER \WIDOW STEIGER (b. 8 SEP 1606, d. 20 FEB 1644/5)
Emile BUJAC (dates unknown)
Henriette BUJARD (dates unknown)
Jean Pierre BUJARD (d. bef 1815)
Abraham BULARD (d. bef 1663)
Jean BULARD (d. bef 1683)
Dorcas BULKELEY (bur. 21 OCT 1616)
Edward BULKELEY (b. 1540, d. 1621)
Humphrey BULKELEY (dates unknown)
Thomas BULKELEY (dates unknown)
William BULKELEY (dates unknown)
Lawrence Miles BULLACK (b. 07 APR 1887, d. 14 JAN 1949)
Oliver BULLACK (b. abt 1916, d. aft 1930)
Pearl BULLACK (b. abt 1912)
Esther BULLAN (dates unknown)
George BULLARD (dates unknown)
Sarah BULLARD (dates unknown)
David BULLOD (dates unknown)
Jaques du BULLOZ (dates unknown)
Katherine du BULLOZ (dates unknown)
Marie du BULLOZ (dates unknown)
Susanne BULLOZ (dates unknown)
Daniel Abraham BULOZ (dates unknown)
George BULOZ (dates unknown)
Jacob BULOZ (dates unknown)
Jean Jacob BULOZ (bp. 23 NOV 1741)
Jeanne Catherine BULOZ (bp. 16 OCT 1721)
Jeanne Marie BULOZ (dates unknown)
Jeanne Rose BULOZ (b. 16 SEP 1746)
Marie BULOZ (bp. 23 JUL 1718)
Moyse BULOZ (bp. 10 MAY 1714)

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