(Keziah BUCK - Marie BUGNON )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Keziah BUCK (b. ABT 1790, d. AFT 1834)
Lena J. BUCK (b. SEP 1870)
Lois BUCK (dates unknown)
Oliver H. BUCK (dates unknown)
Robert M. BUCK (dates unknown)
Caroline BUCKLEY (b. 18 FEB 1818, d. 28 FEB 1906)
Bertha M. BUCKWALTER (b. MAR 1881)
Edward BUCKWALTER (b. OCT 1888)
John M. BUCKWALTER (b. JAN 1846)
William BUDNICK (dates unknown)
Charles W. BUELL (dates unknown)
Louis Cornette Richard BUFFAZ (dates unknown)
Susanne Louise BUFFAZ (dates unknown)
Esaie BUFFE (dates unknown)
Olympe BUFFE (d. bef 1777)
Mary BUFFUM (dates unknown)
_____ BUGE (dates unknown)
Cicille BUGE (d. abt 1598)
Vignea BUGE (d. aft 1598)
Françoise BUGNIET (dates unknown)
Nicod BUGNIET (dates unknown)
Sebastien BUGNIET (dates unknown)
Anne Catherine BUGNION (d. 27 SEP 1818)
Anne Louise (Nanette) BUGNION (b. 20 SEP 1768, d. 23 APR 1849)
Anne Magdelaine BUGNION (dates unknown)
Charles BUGNION (dates unknown)
Charles Juste Jean Marie BUGNION (b. 10 FEB 1811, d. 1838)
Hélène BUGNION (dates unknown)
Jean François BUGNION (dates unknown)
Jeanne Françoise BUGNION (dates unknown)
Julie BUGNION (dates unknown)
Salomon BUGNION (dates unknown)
Jeanne Elizabeth BUGNON (dates unknown)
Marie BUGNON (dates unknown)

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Legend: Protestant minister.

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