(Margaret BERRYHILL - Jeannette BERTHOD )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Margaret BERRYHILL (b. ABT 1776)
Mary BERRYHILL (dates unknown)
Samuel BERRYHILL (dates unknown)
Sarah BERRYHILL (dates unknown)
Thomas BERRYHILL (b. ABT 1778, d. OCT 1799)
William BERRYHILL (b. ABT 1771)
Geroge BERSAUZ (dates unknown)
Jeanne (Marguerite) BERSAUZ (dates unknown)
Johann BERSETH (dates unknown)
Catherine BERTAND (d. 25 OCT 1656)
Silas BERTENSHAW (b. 1828, d. 13 JAN 1900)
Anne BERTHELIE (d. 1705?)
Anne Marie (Marguerite?) BERTHEX (dates unknown)
Jean BERTHEZENS (d. 1656?)
Magdelaine BERTHEZENS (dates unknown)
Jaquetus BERTHIN (dates unknown)
_____ BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Andria BERTHOD (b. ABT 1550)
Anna BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Anne BERTHOD (d. BEF 1609)
Aymé BERTHOD (b. ABT 1550)
Aymé BERTHOD (d. BEF 1554)
Barbille BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Barbille BERTHOD (d. AFT 1572)
Catherine BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Claude BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Claude BERTHOD (d. BEF 1564)
Estevenin BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Guillaume (Vuilleme) BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Guygonis BERTHOD (d. BEF 1523)
Isabel BERTHOD (d. AFT 1572)
Isabel (Sabey) BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Jaques BERTHOD (dates unknown)
Jeannette BERTHOD (dates unknown)

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