(Abraham BAUDIN - Jeanne BAZIN )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Abraham BAUDIN (bp. 5 FEB 1693)
Benoite BAUDIN (dates unknown)
Claudaz BAUDIN (dates unknown)
Gabrielle BAUDIN (bp. 23 JUN 1689)
Isaac Salomé BAUDIN (bp. 5 FEB 1693)
Jean François BAUDIN (d. AFT 1701)
Jean Isaac BAUDIN (bp. 23 APR 1694)
Jeanne Marie BAUDIN (bp. 24 MAY 1696)
Nicod BAUDIN (d. bef 1604)
Madelaine BAUDOUIN (d. 31 MAR 1771)
George BAUGET (d. bef 1581)
Perisson BAUGET (dates unknown)
Flora Belle BAUGHMAN (b. 29 DEC 1863, d. AFT 1910)
Hallie BAUM (dates unknown)
Hélène BAUMGARTNER (dates unknown)
Rudolf BAUMGARTNER (dates unknown)
Verena BAUMGARTNER (dates unknown)
W. L. BAUMGARTNER (dates unknown)
Susanne Louise BAUMIER (dates unknown)
Jules Charles Louis Abraham Henri BAUVERD (dates unknown)
Marc Louis Jean Daniel BAUVERD (dates unknown)
Pierre Henri BAUVERD (dates unknown)
Ernest BAXTER (d. 1 MAR 1943)
Francis Riou BAXTER (dates unknown)
Lydia BAXTER (dates unknown)
Pamela BAXTER (dates unknown)
Ralph Philip BAXTER (dates unknown)
Riva Madeleine BAXTER (dates unknown)
Sally BAXTER (dates unknown)
Miriam BAYLEY (d. 12 OCT 1755)
Martha BAYLIE (b. ABT 1609, d. 22 MAR 1698/9)
_____ BAYLIN (d. BEF 1673)
M. A. BAZILLE (dates unknown)
Jeanne BAZIN (dates unknown)

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