(Marguerite BANQUETAZ - Jean François BARBIER )

DUTOIT: A Family from Moudon, Switzerland

Index of Persons

Marguerite BANQUETAZ (dates unknown)
Marguerite BANQUETAZ (dates unknown)
Marguerite BANQUETAZ (bp. 9 JAN 1616)
Pierre BANQUETAZ (dates unknown)
Pierre BANQUETAZ (d. BEF 1574)
Pierre BANQUETAZ (bp. 6 JUL 1590)
Pierre BANQUETAZ (bp. 1 OCT 1591)
Samuel BANQUETAZ (d. BEF 1619)
Samuel Pierre BANQUETAZ (dates unknown)
Tobie BANQUETAZ (dates unknown)
Tobie BANQUETAZ (b. AFT 1602)
Christophe BAPET (dates unknown)
Georges Frédéric BAPST (dates unknown)
Georges Michel BAPST (dates unknown)
Margaret BARANTSEN (b. 4 DEC 1658)
Jean BARAT (dates unknown)
Jean BARAT (dates unknown)
Jean BARBAZ (dates unknown)
Marguerite BARBAZ (dates unknown)
Daniel Augustin BARBET (bp. 15 OCT 1713)
Françoise Pernette BARBET (bp. 26 JUL 1716)
Jean Daniel BARBET (bp. 4 APR 1711)
Jeanne Esther BARBET (bp. 12 OCT 1714)
Matthieu BARBET (dates unknown)
Susanne Judith BARBET (bp. 7 JUL 1708)
Aimé BARBEY (d. BEF 1619)
Anne BARBEY (d. AFT 1729)
Antoine BARBEY (dates unknown)
Jaques BARBEY (d. BEF 1768)
Pierre François BARBEY (dates unknown)
Pierre François BARBEY (d. BEF 1695)
Julie BARBEZAT (dates unknown)
Clauda BARBIE (dates unknown)
Jean François BARBIER (dates unknown)

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