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There are some DIFFERENT RULES for this mail-list!

PURPOSE: The Indian-Territory-Roots-L Mailing List is an e-mail list to assist and encourage genealogical research in the old Indian Territory, an area that was located in the east and southeastern section of what is now the State of Oklahoma. Before statehood (1907), this area was under the control and the laws of  The Five Civilized Tribes: Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole. These were sovereign Nations and as a result of this tribal sovereignty and the tribal laws, many of the research methods used in the United States do not work here.

The importance of these difference becomes even greater when you consider that by 1890, Indian Territory had been virtually "invaded" by 130,000+ non-Indians, most being emigrants from the adjacent states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. At that same time the Indian population was only 28.11% of the total, being just over 54,000.

By 1900, further immigration had swollen the non-Indian population of Indian Territory to well over 250,000.


While most of us have activated the e-mail option "Quote original message in reply" on our own program (and it is helpful), you SHOULD realize that to quote, re-quote, RE-re-quote (etc) ALL of the different messages in that thread can be VERY exasperating  to other members of the mail-list, and force the people who subscribe to the Digest version to have to page down several times, just to reach the next message!

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Our purpose on this mail list is to exchange genealogical and historical information, as well as resources. It does NOT include debating "unfair tribal policies on enrollment" or "a sure-fire way of establishing your native American ancestry" by having "pointy-toes", "unique teeth", "blood type" or any other body parts. If this is what you want to discuss, then you are on the WRONG mail list!

Messages "not being of general interest to ALL subscribers" should be sent to the individual and not to all of the mail list. You can do this by selecting "Reply to Sender", rather than "Reply to Sender and All Recipients". PLEASE be considerate of others.


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While we all understand and respect differences of opinions, I also know that many people are very passionate and protective of their ancestry. Please use common courtesy to others (who are not interested in your argument) and take any disagreements to private e-mail. Continued abuse of this on the mail list will cause you to be unsubscribed and barred.


In case you are new to mail lists; you should never send any message that includes an attachment or Gedcom files. Save these to e-mail to an interested person. But common courtesy would dictate that you ask their permission first.


When there are violations of these rules, let ME handle it via personal e-mail to the violator! If you feel that there has been a violation that I may not be aware of, then send ME an e-mail. But DO NOT post a message to the list on the subject (that is MY job!).

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