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          Following is a list of the cemeteries located in Chase County, Nebraska.   Our plan is to include a list of tombstone inscriptions for each cemetery, along with a date when the cemeteries were indexed.  Lot owners will also be listed where they can be ascertained, especially in the larger cemeteries.     Family historians and Chase County researchers have Kermit Karns, of Imperial, NE to thank for the work he did in visiting cemeteries and recording the tombstone inscriptions listed here.     Many of these cemetery listings were published in the Kansas City Genealogist, published by the Heart of American Genealogical Society.

Blanche      Champion
     Chase      Crete
(Mt. Hope)
(Mt. Tabor)
  Lutheran   Wauneta

Chase Cemetery, (continued)

        Chase Cemetery is located in the central part of Chase County in the SE quarter of Section 24, Township 7N, Range 40W, 6 p.m, or about nine miles west and two miles north of the town of Imperial, NE.    The cemetery is managed by a group of local citizens.  In 1999 a sign was added to the gate of the cemetery, and is pictured above on Memorial Day 1999, with flags.

        Following are the cemetery records as indexed by Kermit Karns in August, 1963, and then digitally photographed by Kermit Karns in August 2002. (Linda Banks clipped grass, cleared the prairie soil from the headstones,and held the mirror, when needed).

Name DOB DOD Spouse Parents Location
Clark, Isaac 10/4/1857 2/10/1936 Agnes Clark    
Clark, Isaac C. 1/28/1891 4/8/1891      
Clark, William 1880 1947      
Clay, George L. 1865 1916      
Clay, Nancy Jane 1872 1923      
Douglass, Kimberly Seymour 1864 1943 Anna Freeland    
Edwards, Jane Ellen 1879 1927 John Edwards    
Edwards, John 1876 1953 Jane Ellen Edwards    
Foster, John R. 10/15/1849 1/5/1916      
Freeland, Anna 1865 1951 Kimberly Seymour Douglas    
Freeland, Lillie N. 1870 1897      
Fristrom, Alfred J. 3/11/1875 8/9/1945      
Fristrom, Anna 1840 1897 Carl Fristrom    
Fristrom, Carl 1841 1932 Anna Fristrom    
Fristrom, Dena E. 1883 3/9/1956 Oscar Fristrom    
Fristrom, Jennie F. 1882   Patrick Fristrom    
Fristrom, Orville Leon 1918 1922      
Fristrom, Oscar 1867 1957 Dena E. Fristrom    
Fristrom, Patrick 1877 1934 Jennie Fristrom    
Goddard, Chase Bertie 1890 1890      
Goddard, Fred 12/7/1877 1/5/1941      
Goddard, G. no date no date      
Goddard, Harry Al 1870 1940      
Goddard, Ira Clark 3/24/1849 5/25/1915 Minerva Elizabeth Hughes    
Goddard, Iva Belle 1896 1991      
Goddard, Iva Elsie 7/21/1876 6/11/1920      
Goddard, Minerva Elizabeth Hughes 4/7/1949 2/27/1900 Ira Clark Goddard
m. 1/6/1881
Goddard, Ralph Glen 1916 1916      
Goddard, William
Co. B 13 Mo. Cav.
no dates        
Gunn, Rebecca . 1893      
Hall, Bertha G. 2/10/1916 12/6/1929 Harold L. Hall    
Hatheway, Elijah Ellsworth 1867 1/2/1961      
Hatheway, Raymond V. 3/28/1905 2/9/1906      
Hedges, Mose E. 1864 1926      
Heldman, Martha S. 1841 1931      
Hiatt, Cleo Lane 1915 1923      
Hiatt, Edward 1945 1945      
Hiatt, Evan 1909   Evelyn A. Hiatt    
Hiatt, Evelyn A. 1916 1962 Evan Hiatt    
Hiatt, Ida M. 1864 1939 Richard M. Hiatt    
Hiatt, Richard M. 1860 1941 Ida M. Hiatt    
Hiatt, Robert 1948 1948      
Hiatt, Sherrie 1946 1946      
Hill, Gracie L. 1901 1903   Reas & Leulla Hill  
Hill, Samuel 1830 1900      
Howard, Betsey Jane 6/16/1824 8/3/1893 Eliphalet S. Pottorff    
Lytle, Anna Mary 8/22/1855 8/8/1943      
Lytle, Gene Arthur 1942 1952      
Lytle, Keith William 1942 1942   Edwin Lytle  
Lytle, Willard J. 9/2/1885 12/22/1941      
McElroy, Ida M. 10/13/1871 1/10/1916      
McElroy, Lorenzo T. 1871 1911      
Mayo, Arrie F. 12/16/1855 1/18/1914 John S. Mayo    
Mayo, John S. 4/21/1856 8/29/1925 Arrie F. Mayo    
Mead, Christopher 3/17/1831 2/13/1901      
Miller, Anna C. 1882 1962 Locy N. Miller    
Miller, Locy N. 1880 1952 Anna C. Miller    
Mountjoy, Mildren Fern Veach 1889 1900   M.A. & C. C. Mountjoy  
Nelson, Cleo Henry 1921 1986      
Nelson, Minerva S. 1888 1971 Thomas H.    
Nelson, Thomas H. 1884 1965 Minerva S.    
Olson, Anna 1888   Henry Edward Olson    

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