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          Following is a list of the cemeteries located in Chase County, Nebraska.   Our plan is to include a list of tombstone inscriptions for each cemetery, along with a date when the cemeteries were indexed.  Lot owners will also be listed where they can be ascertained, especially in the larger cemeteries.     Family historians and Chase County researchers have Kermit Karns, of Imperial, NE to thank for the work he did in visiting cemeteries and recording the tombstone inscriptions listed here.     Many of these cemetery listings were published in the Kansas City Genealogist, published by the Heart of American Genealogical Society.
     In May 2001 John Osler, of Imperial, a member of the Chase County Historical Society, organized tours of several of the country cemeteries, and compiled a booklet of imformation about the cemeteries and photographs.  The book is on view at the Chase County Historical Society Museum, in Champion.

Blanche      Lakeview
     Chase      Pleasant View
Mt. Hope
  Mt. Tabor
  Lutheran   Wauneta

chase2.bmp (165414 bytes)     Chase Cemetery
photo by Linda Banks, Memorial Day 2000

        Chase Cemetery is located in the central part of Chase County in the SE quarter of Section 24, Township 7N, Range 40W, 6 p.m, or about nine miles west and two miles north of the town of Imperial, NE.    The cemetery is managed by a group of local citizens.  In 1999 a sign was added to the gate of the cemetery, and is pictured above on Memorial Day 1999, with flags.

        Following are the cemetery records as indexed by Kermit Karns in August, 1963, and digitally photographed in August 2002. Linda Banks cleaned prairie soil from headstones, clipped grass, and held the mirror when needed.

Name DOB DOD Spouse Parents Location
Apsey, Jane 1821 1903 Edward Bussell    
Banks, Andrew 1916 1922   John & Arie Banks  
Banks, Arie Minerva 1892 1972 John L. Banks Ira &   Minerva Goddard  
Banks, Floyd 1911 1911   John & Arie Banks  
Banks, Glenva 1920 1920   John & Arie Banks  
Banks, John L. 1881 1937 Arie Goddard George & Annie Banks  
Banks, Naomi 1932 1933   John & Arie Banks  
Banks, Norma 1932 1934   John & Arie Banks  
Browning, Alfred W. 1914 1914 .    
Browning, Calvin O. 1/14/1871 9/10/1959 Jennie Browning    
Browning, Carrie Alice 12/14/1896 3/7/1897   Calvin & Jennie Browning  
Browning, Jennie B. 7/27/1878 4/22/1932 Calvin O. Browning    
Browning, Melvin J. 4/15/1911 7/24/2001 .    
Browning, Nancy 1905 1905 .    
Burtis, George Ira 11/28/1870 11/7/1942      
Burtis, Lillie O. 1880 4/6/1920      
Bussell, Agnes E. 1907 1931 Leeds B. Bussell    
Bussell, Edward 1820 1913 Jane Apsey    
Bussell, Emma J. 11/6/1860 9/11/1950 Henry Bussell    
Bussell, Henry 12/29/1859 8/17/1931 Emma. J. Bussell    
Bussell, Henry Milton 1895 12/30/1954 Lorena S. Bussell    
Bussell, Jane Aspey 1821 1903 Edward    
Bussell, Leeds B. 1897 1944 Agnes E. Bussell    
Bussell, Lorena S. 1896 1950 Henry Milton Bussell    
Caldwell, Charles M. 1/14/1870 6/20/1949 Rachel J. Caldwell    
Caldwell, Hazel S. ca 1900 1908   Chas. & Rachel Caldwell  
Caldwell, Rachel J. 1869 1935 Charles M. Caldwell    
Clark, Agnes 9/10/1860 9/27/1937 Isaac Clark    
Clark, Alice C. 7/23/1892 11/27/1914      
Clark, Edward C. 11/21/1898 12/27/1918      

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