My Tribute to my Mother



Mary Louise Hooker Seigler

My Mother


This is my tribute to my mother, Mary Louise Hooker Seigler. She was a wonderful woman and a great mother.


Mary Louise Hooker Seigler


My Mother


I will never forget that morning,

The call saying that you were gone,

That day my heart was broken,

There was nothing that we could do,

The Lord had called you Home.


You were such a special person,

Loving and kind and strong,

A sweet and gentle spirit,

Never thinking of yourself,

Always doing for everyone else.


So many times I have picked up the phone,

Needing to tell you some news,

Then I remember, and sadness fills my heart,

And I lay the phone down,

No one else can ever take your place.


I wish that you could have been here for Beth’s wedding,

And that you could have seen Ashleigh,

And Serra, Beth's new little one that she had last year,

Also that you could see how Allie has grown,

And Brooke and Morgan and Logan too.


You always taught me to forgive,

And that I try to do,

To turn the other cheek,

Even when someone hurts us so,

I think that you would be so pleased with how things are now.


I loved you so very much,

You taught me to be my own person,

And to treat others with respect,

I am so thankful to you for that,

And for giving birth to me.


I miss your gentle touch,

The sweetness of your smile,

Your wonderful sense of humor,

The way you encouraged me,

And your love for us all.


I owe my love of music to you,

From the time I was a small child,

Our home was filled with music,

How I wish that you could know,

About this gift that I have learned that I have now.


 I dream of you sometimes,

And then I awaken,

And the sad truth I remember,

Tears like rain I weep for you again,

The pain never goes away.


I never got to say goodbye,

I thought that you would be alright,

I had talked to you just the night before,

We had talked about everyday things,

I am so glad that we said “I love you” as we always did.


Many things I would have done differently,

Had I known God’s Plan,

I would have been there more for you,

And thought less of my own self,

Too many times we get caught up in our own little worlds.


I know that you were tired and that you are not suffering any more,

And that you are in a better place,

But still I long for you,

Feeling so lost without you,

And I hope to honor you all the days of my life.


Written by Charlotte Anne Seigler Miller in memory of my mother, Mary Louise Hooker Seigler



Updated in April, 2004




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