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Posting Guidelines, (not following these guidelines can result in your query being ignored or you being unsubscribed)

These lists are not a magic cure all for everyone's census problem's the
lists operate by each  researcher helping others, there is not a guarantee that you will get an answer.

If you find someone charging a fee for a look up please let me know right away and they will be removed and banned from the lists.

Limit lookup requests to ONE email request per day.

The subject line should read

NO General requests such as "all Smiths in all counties"
Be specific, Name the County, Family you are looking for and also the year. Try to supply as much info as possible.

NO FLAMING or you will be unsubbed without notice. By this I mean not only being rude or mean to each other but there will be NO and I do mean NO debating here about the Census Projects. These lists are for everyone who wants to research.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Hang in there and don't
get discouraged if your not answered right away. I am encouraging everyone to share this web site with their surname and county mailing lists. Finally, If you have the material to help a fellow researcher, please use it. Thanks, Kelly

The Welcome Letter :

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14. For your verification, a transcript of the original subscription request is included below.

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