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Established 11 October 2000

Topic: A mailing list for anyone desiring a check of South Carolina census records for their ancestors. Requests should be as specific as possible and include county name, specific family of interest, and year whenever possible. In addition, those who own or have access to census records and are willing to do lookups are asked to subscribe and assist in responding to queries.


Contact Information for the SC-CENSUS-LOOKUP Mailing List

If the subscribe/unsubscribe links above do not work for you,
send the proper command(subscribe or unsubscribe)
to the request address of the list mode from which
you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Posting Guidelines
Please be aware that not following these guidelines can result in your query being ignored or you being unsubscribed or placed on "read only" mode.

1. You must be subscribed to the list in order to post a query.

2. Posts to the list must be sent in plain text. Failure to send a post in plain text (sending in rtf or html format)will result in your query not getting thru to the list.
Send your lookup request to (this reaches both Digest & List Mode Subscribers)
Limit lookup requests to ONE email request per day.

3. The subject line should read
NO General requests such as "all Smiths in all counties"
Be specific---Name the County, Family you are looking for and also the year.
Try to supply as much info as possible as this will help those who are doing lookups answer your request.

4. You must send your posts thru the email acct that you are subscribed to the list thru in order to be recognized as a subscriber.

5. Please check the following links to insure that the information you need is not already available to you online.
Census Links--SC

These lists are not a magic cure all for everyone's census problems. The lists operate by each researcher helping others. There is not a guarantee that you will get an answer. If you find someone charging a fee for a look up please let me know right away and they will be removed and banned from the lists. Don't forget to thank the person who does the lookup for you and if you can help do lookups. When you reply to a request please send it to the mailing list.

NO FLAMING or you will be unsubscribed without notice. By this I mean not only being rude or mean to each other but there will be NO discussions of a political or religious nature. This list is for everyone who wants to research.

If for some reason someone posts an item that you feel is offensive-email me. Please do not post your feelings about their posting to the list. This only draws more attention to it and takes away from what this list was meant for---SC census research. Please know that I monitor the list and am taking care of any incidents. Thanks to all of you the subscribers whose support and participation makes this list possible. Please tell any South Carolina researchers about this mailing list. The more researchers and contributors we have on this lists, the better the list will be.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Hang in there and don't get discouraged if your not answered right away, these lists will be a great asset to our research as they continue to grow. Additionally if you have the material to help a fellow researcher, please use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most common question I get about the mailing lists is "what's the difference between Digest and List Mode of the mailing list?" Basically the List or Mail mode as it is sometimes called is emails sent out to the subscribers as they are posted. If you are subscribed to the Digest mode of the list you will receive them in groups with the frequency of the emails varying depending on how active the list is and the size of the emails. You must be subscribed to the list to post a query to it since the persons who answer your query would send their response to the list. As I mentioned above mailing a query to
will insure that both the list & digest mode subscribers receive your post. Also….sometimes its good to be a "lurker" and read over the posts…whether you can respond to them or not. I've found several connections this way looking at emails that I felt didn't have anything to do with my research. If you have trouble subscribing or unsubscribing just let me know…I can do it manually, if necessary.

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