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  New Tree, Redesign
Jan 6, 2001

Okay, so I've got a new tree up. I also did a little site redesign. It's a little on the ugly side (I never claimed to be a designer) but at least it's got some color now, and a consistent interface.

  Making progress
Jan 2, 2001

Happy New Year! It's amazing how much time I can spend in the library. I've gotten some good stuff, but of course, I still could spend some more time there. I'm up to three 3-ring binders now, and the online tree is really out of synch with my printed material. I'll have to get around to updating it one of these days. I've also started my tombstone picture collection. Not a bad start so far. It's nice that all the dead people had themselves buried next to each other. :) Only a couple more cemetery trips and I'll have most my direct ancestors.

  Back at it
Dec 19, 2000

Since my last job (a dotcom) went under after Thanksgiving, I've decided to wait until January to look for a new gig. So I've spent a little time doing some more research. I'm finding more and more stuff online all the time, so I've updated some of my links. Today I spent some time at the Zavala library and worked on 1920 census records.

  Oh, Man. I just give up
July 14, 2000

This is ludicrous. I just haven't had the time to keep up this site. My content hasn't changed too much, so I guess I shouldn't have to worry too much about the design. One of these days (probably after I'm retired!) I'll get around to keeping a steady stream of content. And maybe actually do some reasearch. On a brighter note, I have been keeping up with a few lists and such.

  New Software
December 21, 1999

I've got the new Personal Ancestral File 4.0.3 from Family Search. It's fairly easy to use, has all the data manipulation features I need, and does a decent job at web page creation. The html generation was the big seller for me. I finally get some customizability (is that a word?), it looks nice (no shameless plugs all over the place), and it hides information for the living. Not bad for free, eh? Expect a new tree soon.

  Back from my break
December 18, 1999

It's amazing how quickly two weeks can pass by. :) I've actually started doing some research again. And today I finally graduated from SWT with a degree in Computer Science. I returned to Harte-Hanks in May as an internet developer. So between a full-time job, and trying to finish school, I haven't had much time for genealogical pursuits. Well, I'm back now.

  Takin' a break
May 2, 1999

I've got finals starting in two days, so I won't be doing much genealogical work for the next couple of weeks. I've got a couple of good options for employment but I haven't settled on a job yet. Maybe I'll try to set my start date back a few weeks to give me time to catch up on all the leads you people have given me. I keep worrying that I'm going to start running out of leads, but that doesn't seem to be happening, and is doubtful to happen any time soon. I'm beginning to think that it's going to take me a full year to integrate and analyze all of the reasearch I keep finding. I guess that's better than being stuck on all fronts.

  New Tree
March 29, 1999

I just put up the latest version of the tree, and the gedcom with which it was generated. I've included some information from the Ashby and Neatherlin lines, but left out the majority, as there are other people who have more thorough and current research than me.

The living are now reduced to initials. Instead of placing the notice that information is being withheld in the notes, which requires an extra click to see, I have placed it in the birth date field.

I've given up looking for a decent (and free) html generator so I guess I'll just write one myself. Keep an eye open for it see if it ever gets done.

  Say goodbye to the living
March 25, 1999

Sounds rather ominous, doesn't it? Actually, I've finally found a good way to protect the privacy of my living relatives. Until now, I have not had an acceptable means to filter what I put online. The tree, at this time, has everything.

Being the privacy advocate that I am, this just won't do. I have finally found a balance between protecting the living and helping others in their research. Within the next few weeks, all living or potentially living persons in the tree will be reduced to initials with a note stating that private information has been withheld.

I have chosen this method because it does not reveal anything of the living, yet allows researchers to count children and follow lines of people whose initials they know. The note lets you know that I do have information for those people, which I can share on a case-by-case basis without revealing all of the personal information I have about about my relatives indiscriminately.


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