African American SIG

African American SIG (Special Interest Group)

April 2002

The Tracy Area Genealogical Society (TAGS) is a diverse group of people seeking more information and documentation on their families. TAGS welcomes family history researchers of all backgrounds into our group. Recently we have been joined by 12 members who are African Americans. Many of our new members are new to family history research. In the near future, we expect to form a formal SIG within TAGS to enhance the contact and interaction between our African American members and others who have resources and knowledge in the areas of slave records, plantation records, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction period.

If you live in or near the Tracy, California area, please contact us and join the Tracy Area Genealogical Society. We will work together to make sure that our early American history is not lost and continues to live to benefit our children. For more information contact Evelyn Tolbert,

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TAGS Library Books

Black Roots Tony Burroughs
Family Pride, The Complete Guide to Tracing African-American Genealogy Donna Beasley
Finding Your African-American Ancestors/A Beginner's Guide David T.Thackery
Finding Your People Sandra Lee Jamison
Freedman's Bureau and Black Texans, The Barry A. Crouch
How To Trace Your African-American Roots Barbara Thompson Howell
Primary Sources in American History/Sources of the African-American Past Roy Finkenbine
Slaves in the Family Edward Ball
CD - Freedman's Bank Records