Genealogy Links

Genealogy Links

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Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN

Cyndi's List "...126,000+ Links..."

Death Indexes for the USA A guide to obituaries, cemeteries, and graves in the USA.

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

Global Surname Search an entire country or the entire world for your surnames...

PBS - "Ancestors"

RootsWeb Home of RootsL and the RootsWeb Surname List...

RootsWeb Mailing Lists User Mailing Lists Hosted by

RootsWeb Surname Resources Here's a list of every surname registered with RootsWeb

San Joaquin Co. Queries

Social Security Death Index Interactive Search

The American Colonists Library ...collection of historical works which contributed to the formation of American politics, culture, and ideals.

USGenWeb Project ...dedicated to free online information.


Old Time Disease Names "...a generalized list of diseases and their definitions"

Old Time Occupations "...a list of occupations of which many are archaic..."

U. S. Census Bureau Gazateer 1990 census data and maps

U. S. G. S. Geographic Names Find U. S. populated areas, islands, cemeteries, dams, lakes, schools, etc.

U. S. Town/County Search If you know the town, but not the county, try this search.

Postal Abbreviations "Two charactor abbreviations for U.S. States and Possessions"

ZIP Codes USPS ZIP Code finder