Projects & Committees

Projects & Committees

Tracy, 1907

Deaths Occuring In The Tracy Area
Tags has an ongoing project to compile information on individuals who have died in Tracy and in the surrounding area of Tulare Township. This includes individuals who are buried in the Tracy Public Cemetery, as well as those who were buried elsewhere. This website contains an index of these deaths, which we plan on updating periodically. Please contact TAGS to inquire about any additional information that we may have available.

Project Members

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Cemetery Project
Our project is to compile a history of the active and abandoned cemeteries in Tulare Township and vicinity. It will include a comprehensive listing of names, burial dates, cemetery information, and obituary notices.

Project Members
Jan James, Chair

Charlotte Conner
Sandy Sinwald

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Newspaper Extraction Project

Our objective is to compile a list of birth, marriage, death, and other information published in the The Tracy Press from 1898 to present.

Project Members
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TAGS Historian

Maintains the permanent record of Society events.

Sandy Sinwald


Library & Office Volunteers Committee

Purchases and catalogs library material. Coordinates scheduling and training of office volunteers.

Jan James - Chair

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Membership Committee

Receives membership applications; welcomes and introduces new members to the Society.

Stacey James - Chair

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The TAGS Newsletter is published quarterly. Submission deadlines are February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. Email queries and submissions to Jan James.

Editor: Jan James

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Program & Publicity Committee

Responsible for meeting arrangements, program assignments, speakers, workshops, etc. Prepares public notices for newspapers, radio, and television. Prepares flyers and brochures which promote the Society in the community.

Michael Davis



Responsible to prepare for meetings, greet visitors, and promote the welfare of the membership.

Sandy Sinwald


Vital Records Extraction

Georgia Lewis