Tulare Township

"Res of A. DANGERS, (Robert's Island) San Joaquin County, Cal"


Wickland was started on Old river in 1861. It is one-half mile from Mehrs' landing-place, for vessels that freighted away the coal taken from the mines in Corral Hollow. Between 1856 and 1861, some 1,800 tons were shipped at this point. When Ellis was established as a R. R. station on the C. P. R. R., many of the houses of Wickland were removed to that place. The mines failing, eventually reduced the importance of the village, and there now remain only a warehouse, hotel, blacksmith shop and the ferry, now known as Neagley's Ferry. There is a railroad station, called Bethany, within one-half mile of the old village of Wickland.



is one of the railroad stations on the C. P. R. R., about four miles west from the San Joaquin river, and in point of elevation, is but a trifle above high water mark in the season of heavy floods. It is named after H. Bantas, who owned the land where the village stands. It has about 150 inhabitants, a post-office, four stores of general merchandise, two blacksmith shops, one hotel, one livery stable, one boot and shoe maker and five saloons.


ELLIS is also a C. P. R. R. station, at the junction of the Corral Hollow R. R., built to the coal mines in Corral Hollow. When Ellis was in its infancy, the citizens and houses of Wickland moved to that place, as being the most eligible for future prosperity, but when, this year, Tracy was made the point of departure for the new line of rail road to Oakland, Ellis took unto itself wings, and flew to the embrace of its more successful rival, and there is but little left at Ellis now.



This is the name of the largest village in the Township, and undoubtedly in the future will remain the principal business point in Tulare. It is less than a year old, and is located where the " new departure" takes place in the C. P. R. R. line to Oakland. From this point a new line of rail road is surveyed to Grayson; the building of which will add materially to its business importance.



was started in the fall of 1849. It was hoped in those days, that it might be possible to make this point a rival to Stockton, but to-day there are but one hotel, two saloons and restaurants and a warehouse.


from: History of San Joaquin County, Thompson & West, 1879