Inverness County 1891 Nova Scotia Census Readme

Inverness County 1891 Nova Scotia Census Readme

          1891 Census data for Inverness County, Nova Scotia.

    All this work was done by GEORGE N. McINNIS.  See the file FORWORD.TXT
    to learn more about this project.  Copies of this data have been
    available on microfilm through the LDS Family History Centers, and
    as printed material at various libraries for many years.

    When I (John Smith) discovered that George still had the electronic
    versions, and they had not been made available to the world, I
    pestered him till He gave me a backup copy to play with. I
    repackaged it to make it convenient and useful in the Internet
    environment.  This is the result.

    Included is LIST77A.ZIP, a shareware program to view it with.  See
    its help screen about donations.  Some users have converted the data
    to their database program, and utilize the database features to
    extract data of interest. The data is in Census order, but utilities
    are included to sort it in alphabetical order if desired.

    You can contact George or myself by e-mail:
        [email protected]
        [email protected]
        [email protected]   (our genie society's home page)

    File list:
    I1891CEN.TXT    1891 Census data for Inverness county Nova Scotia.

    FORWORD.TXT     The author describes this project.

    91HEAD.TXT      Describes the heading of each column of census data.

    CO_CD_9I.TXT    Nova Scotia county codes; only one used for this

    91OCC_CD.TXT    Lists the occupation codes added after enumeration.

    I91_DIST.TXT    Mnenomic codes assigned to Districts & Sub-Districts

    BCMFR_CD.TXT    Describes the bcfmr codes in the census. The
                    enumerator spelled out these details;  this
                    compilation condenses them into single-letter codes.

    SORT_ALP.Bat    File to sort I1891CEN.TXT to I1891ALP.TXT which is
                    an alphabetical listing. Uses maxsort.exe

    MAXSORT EXE     A sort program.  Used by SORT_ALP.BAT to make an
                    alphabetical listing.

    README91.1st    This file.

    LIST77A.ZIP     A shareware file viewer to view I1891CEN TXT or
                    I1891ALP.TXT.  The author accepts donations.

Transcribed by George N. McInnis, an SOCCGS club member, from the LDS microfilm of the hand written Census records.


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