1766 Religious Census of Ahoghill Parish in County Antrim 1766 Religious Census of Ahoghill Parish, Diocese of Connor, County Antrim, Ireland

This census was transcribed from LDS Film 1279330 by Herbert Abrams <hvabrams@cox.net>. Most of the other Parish records from this census were destroyed by the fire at the Four Courts Building in 1921.

See http://www.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=5990 for some other Parish records from this census that survived and were put on LDS Film 100173 and then put online by Ancestry.com.

A List of ye Dissenters in Parish of Ahoghill, in the Diocese of 
Connor 1766.
James Craig Arthur Long Robert McCrory Andrew Blair William Maxwell William Maxwell John Ewart John Wright Francis Wright William Grosset James Shaw Robert Bell William Hill John Torbat John McMullin John Kempton Joseph Money James Eyre James Eyre Matthew Carson Thomas McCormich Thomas Brown James McMeekin John McMullen David Carr Archibald Grey William Mulhallen John McClure James McClure Thomas McClure William McNeal Charles Smiley William Brown Eliza McClure John McNeal Arthur Graham William Wilson James Wilson John Wilson Samuel Duart James Swan William Gillin Henry Tyler John McCullough Hugh McCosker Robert Sympson David Brown William Brenan William Cabane Matthew Gillespy Edward Denly James Greer James McLRoy William Hutchinson William Aken John Rogers David McQuart James Rogers Robert Throw William Thompson William McCarrol Francis Hillas William Armstrong James Brown John McErlane William McMullen John Swan John Carmagren John McCrory John McCrory Charles McConly William McClean John McGuigen Arch. Greer Pat. McCartney John Sterling John Stirling Arch McMullen Richard Galloway Sam McFaddin John Aken John Surgener Thomas McLellen John Crawford Robert Smith John Waugh James Cameron William Kilpatrick William Tate James Young William Miller Andrew Miller John Grernal Alex. Galloway Fran. Law Thomas McKay Henry McKay Robert Sympson William Olris James Dinwiddy James Andrew John Latimer William Greg William Sibbet Robert Sibbet William Sibbet Sam. Martin William Gilchrist James Steel Robert Reid William Reid John Moor Sam. Reid Thomas Johnston James Adams John Adams John McClughy Martin McLelan David McLelan Hugh McFaddin James Ewing James McCartney Joseph Neevin William Neevin John Neevin Alex. Murphy William McCullogh John Johnson Sam McKenny William Brown Fran. Louden John Miller David Galloway Sam. Boyd Hugh Boyd Peter Galloway James Tweed John Sympson William Sympson William McClure John Shannon Thomas Neil William Johnson John Johnson Pat. Black John Black Dan. Black John Irwin John Sympson Sam Lynn John Neal Abram Adams James Henry William Loman Charles Adams James Adams John McCrory William McCrory Hugh McDill Thomas Law John Mase William Johnston William Johnston Robert Adams Samuel Rodman John Rodman William Miller Alex. Miller James Hamilton William Crawford Francis Bell James Orr John Orr Hugh McLucman Hugh McCrery Dan Barns David Finley John Douglas William McCullogh Thomas Picken William Morrow William Galloway Andrew Dick Richard Wright John Wright William Mark Thomas Smiley John Johnston David Montgomery John Nichol John Russel William Young John McGregor John Bell John Millikin John Martin Dan. McQuesten John McDonnal John McCantry James Carr Joseph Hill Sam. Cameron Pat Moony John Spence David Lagan Dan. O'Dogherty Pat. Hamilton John Cane William Bell Robert Duart Alex. McClain Robert Kennedy Alex. Walker John Hacket Thomas Nicholl William Cummin David Woods James Coulter Robert Nicholl Robert Nicholl James Carmichael James Stewart Thomas Holmes Robert Weir William Stewart William McMullin Andrew Young James Walker William Walker Matthew Blakeney Dan. McCauly John McAlister William Thompson Thomas Hamilton William Rumble James All John McCantry John Grey John Geral William Adair James McQuillin John Simms Robert McCay Sarah Kibley John Clark Sam. Clark Robert Greer Alex. Ferguson Samuel Hunter William McQuillin John Blakeney John Osburn James Osburn John Nichol James Miller Thomas Greer Alex. Weir Dan. Cummin Thomas Nichol Widow Hume Thomas Nichol Widow Neeley James Nickson James Porter William Giffen William Poge John Stewart John Stewart David Latham John Latham David Latham John Young David Johnston Robert Willson Robert Kernan Widdow Young Robert Greg John Kernan James McKenna Robert Speer James Nichol James Meek Willie Meek John McMeehan Sam. Denison John Ramsey William Latham Andrew Hood David Gregg George Latham John McCrory William McCay Andrew Johnston James Carr William Cowan James Johnston James McGill John McMaster Sam McMaster Widdow McMaster John Knows John Boyd John Walker Robert McCullogh Robert McClellan Patrick Spence Patrick Spence Pat. Herbison William Douglass Charles Sloan James Flemming William Dunbarr William Glass William Betty Sam. Wallace Moses Boyd William Louden John Taylor Robert Bere John McCleery James McCleery John Malbride James Johnston John Rogers James Herbison Charles Stewart Thomas Campbel John Kernahan Thomas Nichol David Brown James Nickson William Porter John Campbell William McCaban Thomas Nedill Alex. Stewart Widdow May James Aikin John Brown Widdow Smith William Bell William Archer Francis Gillin John Hartless John Smith John Keenan Robert Keenan William McNealy John McClean James Henderson John Underwood Widdow McDool William Dutton Pat. Boyd Robert Garstin David Carrol Widdow Campbell Charles Spence John Boyd Pat. Gillen John Mulbarg James Kinneard John Burnside Thomas Gray Wallace Weight John Boyd Pat. Bryan Able McNeal Adam Spence John Gillen Thomas George William McDory David Gillen John McLurkin Charles Leader James Moony Arch. Campbell Pat. Boyd Alan McAllan Widdow Nichol John Melman John Stinson Margaret Kane James McMeekin Robert Dillon David Dunlap William Blair Robert McTurk John McTurk Hugh Kirkpatrick Robert Carry John Achison John Wiley James Kernan John Creighton John Blair James Blair James Blakely William Blakely Andrew Spence Henry Wright William Cowan William Kempton William Sympson Sam. McCay Hugh Nenin Hugh Hill James McFall Alex. Graham Matthew Smith John Agnew John Moer Widow Miller Samuel Gibson Joe Irwin Joe Reed William Osburn John Spence Hugh Kernan John spence Joseph McIlroy James Russel James Dunlap William Stevenson Widdow Russel John Irvin John Spence Pat Kinnear James Glover Hugh McLaurin William Moor James Surgener William Rogers John Rogers Andrew Mihil David Dunlop James McClusky Thomas Armstrong Robert Spence Robert Arthur Gain Arthur James Bankhead John Nichol William Blair John Beggs William Clark Joseph Clark Alex. Wright Widdow Kirkpatrick Samuel McCordy John Hutchison Hugh McKeon Hugh McKeon James McKeon Widor Coody Widdow Valentine Widdow Nichol James McToor John Carson James McClure Dan. McMullen William Blair Alex. Grey Hugh Weir Hugh Gray Alex. Green ? Joseph Spence John Hunter Alex. Kirmeir John Moor James Miller William Herbison Matthew Herbison Alex. Thompson John Ferguson Robert Ferguson Alex. Moor Mart. Miller James Russel John Kennedy Arthur McClure Isaac Wily Rand. McAlister James Kirkpatrick William Moor James Poge William Poge Sam. Kernan Andrew Kernan John Kernan John Brown George McKillen Jo. Meak John Harper John Wilson James Conan Allen Arthur James Arthur Thomas Archer Thomas Archer Willis Hara Adam Hara William Davidson John Nichol Robert Nichol Hugh Nichol James Nichol James Hamel Robert Weir Gab. Clark William Clark Ben. Miller John Lagan William Russel Hugh McGlamry William McKenly James Boyle Robert Meek Hugh Weir James McGlamery Thomas McClure James Wilson William Kernan James Meek Matt. Meek Robert Leech Matt. Leech William Brown David Fairy Widow Thompson James Gore Robert Speer Fran. Adderly Andrew Sheen Andrew Sheen James Dickson Joseph Wilson William Chain John Walker Thomas Walker James McCulla William McCreight John Johnston John Weir Alex. Duff John Duff David McLallan Thomas Meek William Meek Mary Linn Fran. Baily William Dickson William Stinson Robert Morrison Tho. Baily John Arthur James Walker William Campbell Willaim Gleno John McNeal Sam. Wiley John Dickey William Correy Thomas McLburney Alex. Young John Wiley John Boyd John Marshal William Russel Dav. Cumming Hugh Calwell Ed. Maxwell Charles Spence John Calwell John Marshal Thomas Peacock Andrew McGlamery William McGlamery John Spence Thomas Spence David Spence Hugh Spence John Irwin Thomas Thompson David Anderson Ed. Smith Alex. Mill John Mill James Knows John Morrison Robert Wilson David Spence Hugh Spence James Smith John Campbell James Greir Widdow Reynolds Sam. Meek John Irwin David Kennedy John Robson Tho. Clark David Miller John Murdagh Robert Nichol James Giffen James Millekin William Spence John Giffen Charles Knows Hugh McLrath James McLrath Thomas Brown John Lourman / Lawman Hugh Boyd John Andrew Sam. Lourman / Lawman Moses Lournan / Lawman John Spence William Man William Larkin David Colvin William Colvin Robert Colvin Arthur Colvin William Knows James Knows James Wilson James McCullogh Robert Knows John McClinton James Love Robert Lockey John Cameron William Walker John McBrid George Hall John Walker James Walker William Walker Will Young William Young Neal McRogers John Carr John McLalen William Spanos John Walker William McBride John McIlvey Gibbt. Akin Robert Barry Robert Young Alex. Duart William Wallace Sam Elder John Elder Neal McCleverty Pat. McKay Robert Buck Charles Ball William Sparle James Carson David Kyrle William Cisack Pat. Knows John Knows Sam. Mark Willaim Mark William Lynn Rovert McAdam Willaim Man Sam Johnston William Johnston William Mark Thomas Kirkpatrick James McFaddin Robert McNeely John McCluny David Spence William Smith Sam. Barclay William Hall William Kincart Joseph Kincart Joseph Berkly William McFaddin William Hara John Medill Andrew Mordagh Andrew Chambers John Baily Hugh Finlay Andrew McCay Will. Colwell William Colwell Ens. Young James Young John Young Robert Bankhead Hu. McCausland James Dunbar John Dunbar Pat. Connor William McGill William Gore Charles Michal William Burnside James Wilson George Brown John McAfy William Murray John Wilson Hugh Hamal Tho. Baily William Waddel John Douglass James Thompson John Kirkpatrick Thomas Leech James More William Crawford Hugh Hamilton John Law John Kid Hugh Ross Joseph Cameron Sam. Law John Sibbot John Allen John Meares John Davidson John McFaddin Sam. Haney George Seritt John McCray William Fleming William Fleming Hugh Crawford James Hill John Laughlin John Conan Robert Black Robert Black John McGlamery William McGlamery William Bell John Bell John Berkely John Lorimer Robert Micholl Walter Gain Hugh Gain Sam. Law William Loudan Robert Barclay Tim. Glass John Glass Hugh Boyd John Boyd William Glass William McKeon David Anderson James McRory John McAllen John McGomery George McGomery John Hutchinson William McGlomery Andrew Tayler David McCollum John Miller Ben. Miller John McAllen Thomas Lawson Alex. McAllen William Green James Green Robert Conan James Crawford Sam. Carson William Orr John Andrews Alex. Robison John Hilton Robert Hiltop Thomas Black Morias Hool John Graham John Cragmill John Crawford James McFaddin James Mollinger Fran. Lorimer Sam. Miller James Little Robert Lamey William Taylor John Anderson William Anderson Arch. Dysert Robert McNeely William Sympson John Young John Pattan John Grace Andrew McCartney James Cook George McCartney David Miller William Lorimer Thomas Leadly John Dysert William Hume James McLenan William McLellan William McComan John Courtney John McTear Arch. Green William McGlamery Matt. McComan John Sympson Robert Hume Pat. Hamilton William Hamilton James Law Thomas McCrory John Sympson William Crawford John Andrew William Andrew Thomas Stoal William Shaw William Myler John Kenny Mat. Baily Arch. Wyly Joseph Wyly John Nickson Pat. McTyre William Graham Tim. Cameron William Cameron Robert McKay Thomas McKay Joseph Wyly William Stinson William Cubbige William Corbet David Trumble John Wyly John Wyly Sam. Wyly Alex. Campbell Joseph Bell William Rosbrough Han. Wright Jane Sharp Robert Brown John Rosbrough Pat. Rosbrough John Kinnard Anthony Anderson William Dunsmore William Martin John Kels James Martin Robert Carr John Carr Thomas Dunlap William Carr Sam. May William Gaston William Hyrn James McTeer James Wyley William Finlay Robert Hay Thomas Balrymple Peter Wyly William Wyly Adam Wyly John Akin Hugh Rodman John Wyly James Curry John Gamble John Gibson Alex. Stuart Axex. Kincart James Oliver William McCreary Alex. McCreary James Wily John Wily Andrew Ferguson William Gaston Robert Christy James Wiseman James Bradshaw Robert Bradshaw William Dickey William Page John Knox William Simonton John Douglas Pat. Dickey Alex. McQuilin William Gibson William Andrew James Russel James Loman Robert Logan John Man Sam. Coulter Robert Miller Ben. Kenny Simon Coburn Andrew Miller John Lowry James Lowry William Boyd David Stinson Henry Parnel John McDolan Pat. Man David Knows Robert Cooper Hec. Beard Doog. Ballantine James Sempil Pat. McClintock William Sempill James McLary James Bell William Gaston Robert Douglas Fran. Stewart Hugh Allen Adam Herbison William Waddel James McClintoc James Herbison Thomas Walker William Walker Robert Man Sam. Man John Leech Sam. Blair Blany Adair William Kinnard Pat. Spence William Walkington James Stewart Robert Blakely George Smith George Smith Matt. Wilson Richard Hamilton Andrew Porter James Tippen Robert Brownlow William McLaghlin William Rainy William Rainy William Mellikin John Hillas Robert Boyd Robert Johnston William Dill William Taylor James Medill Robert Peterson James Shene John Harman George McCullogh John Hamilton David Colgan John McCaghy Robert Martin James Weir Thomas Irwin David Darragh James Russell William McNeal James Nichol John Grey George Martin Sam. Lowry Robert Russel James Thompson Robert Rainy William Moor Fran. Gray Thomas Maxwell Alex. Leith William Banks Sam. McKiben John McMullin Robert Adams James Wallace William Sherlock James Leeth Andrew Allen Arch. Hanna John Allen John Leeth Sam. Nelson Hugh Shaw William Stewart John McMullin James McMaster Thomas Dunchers Joseph Stewart James Green John Wallace James Dunn Tho. Ramsey David McKiben William Craig Adam Craig John McDool John Kakin John Craig William Miller Han. Midole James Leeman William Craig James Nelson William Nichol John Gawley James Montgomery David Montgomery William Young Thomas Raney William Nichol Hugh Nichol Fran. Irwin Anthony Sloan John Wright James Wright David Mooty William Hill John Matthews Sam. Carson Thomas Hunter Adam Glass Robert Kirkpatrick Three Dissenting Teachers James Cummin Alex. McMullin Robert Kilpatrick Total of Dissenters in the Parich of Ahoghill reckoning by ye Famillys one Thousand and fifty-five.

A List of the Papists in the Parish of Ahoghill and Diocese of Conner

Roger O'Neil Daniel O'Goole Richard Harday John Duffin Roger O'Neeson John McKoen Ger. O'Neill Patrick O'Marrin John Morgan Ed. McKlhorn Patrick O'Neeson James O'Neeson Henry O'Neeson Edmund O'Neeson Patrick McNellin Neil Murry Cork. O'Duffin Edward Donnell Henry McHollin Henry Keenen Cormk. McKenn John McKay Neil McKay Archi. McKay Alex. McKay William Campbell Danl. McFall James McFall Henry McFall Micl. O'Linn John Boyle Patrick Donely David Campbell Daniel O'Neill Hugh McAnsely Man. Hessin Charles McKay Dins. O'Grogan Thomas Scullin James McClester John McHollin Owen McGee John Money Cork. O'Lagan Iver McNeely Felix McNellin John Murry Fras. McLoriman Charles McDonnel James McDonnel Hugh McGlaghlin John Clemente Daniel O'Neill John Kennedy Hugh Kane Neil Mooney Daniel Ralighan Roger O'gribbin Patrick O'Sheill Patrick Mooney Toby O'Sheill Patrick Darrigh James McDonal William McGrenell Mich. O'Soullin Patrick O'Soullin Henry Keenan Cormk. O'Hamill James Mullhallan Henry Hendry Patrick Kelly Dinis O'Graffin Henry O'Hamill Ar. McClamigan senior Art. Mclamigan junior Lorims Clements Dinis Money Neil Boyl James Keenan John Keenan Patrick Graffin John Hamill Edward Lagan Daniel Sharky Bryan Hamill Felix McGee Patrick Hamill Junior Micl. Hamill Patrick Dimond John Hamill William Gregory James Hamill Cormk. Hughs Patrick McHollin Mans. McLoriman Thomas Kehevan Hugh McNeely Bryan Reed Murh. Reed John Reed James Graffin Dins. McCever James McClanigan John Dimond Patrick Darigh Roger Hamill Patrick Hamill senior John Kennedy Roger O'Kane John O'Kane Edward McFall John McFall Hugh McHollin Edmd. Gilcreest Felix Boyl Henry Kennedy Henry McErisin Eneas McDonell Hugh O'Donell Henry McElhon Felix Sharky Daniel McMullin Fras. Rath Patrick Kennedy Rich. McConell James Graney Patrick O'Sculley Corns. Feris Patrick Feris senior Eneas Blaney Alex. Murphy Rand. McAlster James McCloskey Daniel McConell William McKirgan Daniel Hamill Henry Harrel Edmd. Devlin Eneas McFall Charles McFall Bryan McClenegan Felix Devlin Lar. McQuoan Patrick McQuoan William McEriain Mark Dugan John Dugan James Kane Roger Kane Thomas Kane Bryan Dempsy John Crumy Richard Kane Henry Clemens Patrick Feris junior John McGugan John Clemens John McDonell Daniel Farril John McKay Owen McKee Henry McKee Edmd. McKee Henry Cullin Ar. O'Neill Neal Blaney Henry McCloskey Henry Duffin John Duffin Art. McNeelly James Ray James McElman Hugh McElman James Henry Patrick Blaney Patrick Henry James O'Neill Cork. O'Neill Daniel O'Neill Micl. O'Conner Patrick O'Madigan Hugh O'Hale Patrick Ray Owen McKee Thomas Davin Neil Duffin Roger O'Kain Bryan McQuoan Cormk. O'Hara Owen O'Hara Murh. O'Henery Hugh McPeak John McConel Daniel McFall Bryan McFall Fel. McKlvena Daniel Henry Daniel Blaney Godfery Henry James McCruden Owen Ray Felix O'Dale Ar. McCloskey John Reed Alex. McKeney Fras. McKeney Alex. McKeney John McGranil Micl Downing Hugh Quin Neil McShane John Downing Peter O'Madigan Daniel Money William O'Quin Tage McFall Anty. Dobin Ar. Dobin John McKay Coll McAlister Micl. McAlister John Kane Rand. McDonnel John O'Hara James McClester Neill Reed Patrick McKlvena Edwd. Greney John Blaney Patk. McGugen Henry O'Neill David McLorinan John McManus Hugh McAshenay Hugh Raverty Bryan McHollin Micl. O'Kelly Daniel O'Kelly Bridt. Orourke Garrt. O'Shelly Stephen Grant, Papish Priest - neither Coadjutor nor Regular in ye Parish Total number of Papish famillies in ye Parish of Ahoghill two hundred and forty-four.

A List of the Familys of the Established Church, Parish of Ahoghill, Diocese of Connor 1766

Joseph Moor Robert Russel Jane McCorley John Poor Patrick McGill Mary Burns Daniel O'Neill Sarah Gibson James McFall Neill McFall Elizabeth McGees John McConnel Richd. Green Hugh Close John Jordan David Graham James Sauls John Atchison Edwd. McCorleys John Bamer John McDougall James Hewit Francis Lorimer Edwd. McAlister Hugh McCollum Eliz. Knox Elnr. Stafford Hugh Gain Walter Gain John McNeill John Gerside Sara Gerside Roger Madigen Robert Preston Daniel O'Neill John McAllister Sarah McNeill Joseph Marks James Marks Bryan McManus Elish. Tickins Hugh McCosker William Bamer Charles Petry William Magill Charles Conner Robert Gore James Gore Frans. Donelly Effy McClarty John O'Neill James Graffin John McElmoyl Hugh Disert Samuel Kirkpatrick Charles Hamilton James Knox Richard Harris Sebasn. Goold senior Sebn. Goold junior James Tikins William Johnston George Lewis William Forrister John Abram John Proven James Mayberry William Killen Will. Evelyn D.D. Rector. Humph. Babington Curate.

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