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North Carolina to Tennessee

Theodore Alexander Smith was born in North Carolina on 31 August 1827. He or possibly his family migrated to Hardeman County, Tennessee at some point. Theodore became a doctor and on 1 October 1856 he married Ellen 'Elizabeth' Ragan. Ellen Elizabeth Ragan was born 28 February 1840 in Hardeman County, Tennessee. Information on her parents, grandparents and great grandparents can be found under the heading, Ragan Family.

Theodore and Elizabeth Smith had five children. One of these five children was Sarah 'Lillian' Smith. Theodore and Lillian Smith relocated to Henderson County, Tennessee shortly after there marriage and in fact, they helped to found the town of Henderson in Henderson County in the late 1850's. The town of Henderson was laid out in 1857. Dr. Theodore A. Smith was among the first men to establish themselves in Henderson.

The town of Henderson was originally in Henderson County. However, in 1879 a portion of Henderson County was split off to form the new county of Chester. Henderson became the county seat for the newly formed Chester County. The Henderson Male and Female College was founded in Montezuma in 1884 and Dr. T. A. Smith was one of the investors and founders of the new college. It was recognized as a school of the Methodist Espiscopal Church South.

The Methodist church was organized at Henderson about the 1874-1875 timeframe. The church was built in 1882 and T. A. Smith and his wife, Elizabeth Smith were among the original trustees. David Leith was the pastor of the Methodist church in Henderson from 1898 to 1899. He was married to Elizabeth Buchan Lieth at the time. After the death of his wife, Elizabeth, David Leith returned to Henderson long enough to marry Theodore and Elizabeth Smith's daughter, Sarah Lillian Smith. This would have been between 1910 and 1912. Lillian then went with David to Trenton in Henry County, Tennessee to live with him and his three daughters.

Theodore Alexander Smith died on 4 September 1905 in Henderson, Chester County, Tennessee. He passed away before Lillian and David were married and before their son William Wallace Leith was born. Elizabeth Smith lived to greet her new grandson, having died on 26 March 1930 at the age of ninty.

David Leith died on 26 December 1919 in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee. Lillian Smith Leith lived until 24 March 1932, passing away on that date in Memphis Shelby, Tennessee.


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