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The following list is taken from THE CREOLE ALMANACK for TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 1893, compiled and published by L.O.INNISS. This is a partial list of Chief Officers taken from page 63. I obtained this from the British Library in London (shelfmark P.P.2587.ab.). I have omitted salary details. If anyone wishes to enquire about the omitted dates and salaries they can email me, but I have no further information to offer on the individuals listed below.

First Assistant Surveyor - H. de LAPEYROUSE
Second Assistant Surveyor - J.E. MORVANT
Third Assistant Surveyor - R. KERNAHAN
Superintendent Botanic Gardens - H.H. HART, F.L.S.
Asst. Superintendent - W.E. BROADWAY
Superintendent of Pastures and Examiner of Animals - J.B.WHITE
Supt. of Government Printing Office - H.J. CLARK
Chief Justice - J.J. GOLDNEY
Registrar of the Courts and Marshal - L.M. POWER [my Great Grandfather]
Chief Clerk - E.D. CLARKE
Attorney-General - G.L. GARCIA
Solicitor-General & Law Officer for Tobago - V. BROWN
Crown Solicitor - L.D. O'CONNOR
Assistant Marshal - D. HART
Inspector of Schools - R.G. BUSHE
First Assistant Inspector of Schools - W.H. ROBINSON
Second Assistant - C.H.D. HOBSON
Third Assistant - E.G. PENALOSA
Accountant - A.E. BRERETON
Superintendent Boys' Model School - J.H. COLLINS
Superintendent Girls' Model School - H. BROWN
Principal Queen's Royal College - W. MILES
Second Master - H.H. HANCOCK
Third Master - C. BISHOP
Prof. Chemistry & Government Analyst - P. CARMODY
French and Spanish Master - C. BRADSHAW
Prof. St Mary's College - Rev. FEMERIE
Surgeon-General - S.L. CRANE, C.M.G.
Chief Clerk - ditto
Sanitary Insp. and Sec. Board of Health - F.J. FULLER
Dispenser Colonial Hospital - J.E. SAMUELS
Dispenser San F'do - J.C. POYNER
Medical Storekeeper - J.B. INNISS
Inspector-General of Police and Captain of Fire Brigade - Captain E. FORTESCUE
Inspector of Southern Division - A.D.P. OWEN
Inspector of Northern Division - J. BRIERLY
Sub-Inspector - J. GIBLAN
Superintendent of Prisons - L.M.FRASER
First Clerk - G.F. BOURNE
Superintendent Convict Depot - Chas. W. MEADEN
Railway Traffic Manager - A.R.GRAY
Assistant Traffic Manager - F.J.MAHONEY