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Philip Edward Young (1866 - 1926)

Photo of Philip Edward Young

Phil Young was born Mar. 2, 1866, on Addison Hill, Steuben Co., NY, PA; d. Feb. 26, 1926, in a fall from his office window, Elmira, Chemung Co., NY. He first married Mar. 11, 1889 in Corning, NY to Luella B. Campbell, b. Oct. 29, 1866 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA; d. Aug. 24 1918 in Elmira in a fall from his office. Lou's parents were John Harper Campbell, born in 1839 in Nelson and Calphurna J. Bottom, b. 1842 in Nelson. His second marriage was Sep. 25, 1919 to Ida Stacy, b. Nov. 23, 1894 in Springfield Twp., Bradford Co., PA; d. Apr. 24, 1965. Ida had no children. Her parents were Herbert P. Stacy, b. 1848 in Springfield Twp., and L. Manette Potter, b. there in 1850.

Phil's parents were Edward Young, b. 1841 in NY and Vestaline Dininny, b. 1840 in Addison, Steuben Co., NY.

Philip and Luella Campbell Young had 4 children:

  1. Ethel May Young, b. Nov. 8, 1889 in Corning, m. John Charles Roe;
  2. Roswell Philip Young, b. May 19, 1892 in Corning, m. Katherine Pratt;
  3. Rev. Clifford John Young, b. Dec. 3, 1894 in Elmira, m. Martha Jane Phillips; and
  4. Edward Young, b. Dec. 6, 1900 in Elmira, m. Olwen Jones.
Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters Written:
v1r1 p21 - June 15, 1923
v1r2 p50-51 - Oct. 16, 1923
v2 p58 - April 14, 1924
v3 p67 - April 9, 1925

Mentioned in CCC Letters:
v1r1 p10 T. C. Campbell - Phil Young
v1r1 p47 Will Selph - Phil Young
v1r2 p5 Roswell Young - father
v1r2 p72 Will Selph - Phil Young
v2 p10 Florence BOSARD Neal - Phil Young
v2 p15 Jennie SELPH Cady - Phil Young
v2 p17 Roswell P. Young - father
v3 p17 Inez HOYT Boller - her [Ethel's] father
v3 p39 Edward Young - father
v3 p48 Ethel YOUNG Roe - father
v4 p7 Lena PRESTON Blackwell Smith - Cousin Phil Young
v4 p11 Mark Seely - Cousin Phil Young
v4 p13 Lena SEELY Goodrich - Cousin Phil Young
v4 p16 Stella LOOP Hooker Wilbur - Cousin Phil
v4 p18 Inez HOYT Boller - Phil Young
v4 p27 Ann TUBBS Van Dusen - Cousin Philip Young
v4 p30 Kate CAMPBELL Horton - Cousin Philip Young
v4 p36 William C. Campbell - Philip Young
v4 p38 Roswell P. Young - my father
v4 p40 Emma CONGDON Buck - Cousin Phil Young
v4 p48 Ann BOSARD Owlett - Phil Young
v4 p56 Frances PARKS Campbell - Cousin Philip Young
v4 pp60-62 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - Cousin Philip Young
v4 pp63-64 Isabelle HOYT Field - Phil Young
v4 p69 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman- Phil Young

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