Campbell Reunion Minutes - 1942

Campbells of Nelson, PA

Aug. 20 - 1942.

It was with many expressions of sadness that 33 members of the Campbell Clan met on the lawn of the Nelson School in the fiftieth and last Campbell Reunion.1.

The President Clyde Campbell passed away July 23-1942. His son James Campbell took his place and presided at the informal meeting held after the picnic dinner.

The Secretary Mrs. Mabel S. Shaw read the minutes of the last meeting also the names of those present at the first reunion held in the orchard of G. H. Baxter near Nelson in 1893. She also read the very interesting minutes of that meeting as recorded by T.C. Campbell. Of the 33 present there were eight who were at the first reunion in 1893- Harry Kemp- Mildred Campbell- Rena Campbell- Rose Campbell Jones- Mamie Campbell Selph- Mabel Shipman Shaw- Helen Shipman Wilson Ireton- Dianthe Tubbs (Bennie)2 Deats.

Short talks were given by Fannie Monroe - Mamie Campbell Selph- Harry Kemp- Eva Hooker Hills- Mame Hazlett Dewey- Sarah Hazlett Baumgarten- Mary West.- Dianthe Deats- Beryl Tremaine - Bertha Close Davis- A. W. & Mrs. Lugg & Mrs. Ireton.

Letters and greetings were read from Mr. Chas. Lugg- Gretchen Parks - Gertrude Allen Farley- Jean Lugg Beck- George Brooks3- Myra Buck Seiders. William C. Campbell telephoned from Marinette Wisc- the day before expressing regret at not being present for this last reunion.

Mrs. James Campbell typed the 155 invitations for the 50th reunion which was much appreciated. She also took pictures of those present.4

Balance in Treas.

Contribution from C. Lugg


155 Post Cards

Postage -Sympathy Cards, etc.

No balance in Treas,







Mabel S. Shaw.

It should be noted that the dinner was excellent in both quality & abundance- It was a chicken dinner & a great variety of food. The day was perfect.

1. It was decided at the 47th Campbell reunion, in 1939, to hold three more and then discontinue them.

2. I've seen her nickname as "Dennie"-wbt.

3.George Brooks was: a) an uncle of Pearl PLACE Van Dusen; b) 1st cousin of Dollie BOTTOM Campbell; & c) 1st cousin of Rebecca BOTTOM Lugg.

3. Chicken dinners were a feature of the early Campbell Reunions.

4. I don't know if Betty's photos have survived.

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