Campbell Reunion Minutes - 1904

Campbells of Nelson, PA

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Minutes of Eleventh Annual Meeting of The Campbell Re-union Society By E C Blackwell Secy

The Campbell Family Reunion was held on the High School grounds Nelson Aug 18 1904. The day was fine and the place nicely prepared by the Grounds Committee for the occasion. At an early hour the Clan began to gather. Refreshments were served at the Noon Hour. After which the President T. C. Campbell called the Society to order and a Musical and Literary program was Rendered -- such as no other clan but the Campbells could render. We think ...

[One or more pages is missing. Apparently pages fell out of the notebook and were glued back in where there was space. The following seems to be the surviving remainder of the 1904 minutes.]

The opening prayer was made by Rev. Colclouch1 followed by a Opus -- Entitled "When A Hundred Years have Rolled." M B Seely at the time gave the address of welcome -- which proved very Inspirational. In addition to his Earnest Welcome which he extended to the Campbell's Song [sung] by Elizabeth and Lizzy Hoyt2 which was very appropriate for the occasion --followed by this The Minutes of the Previous Meeting were read by the Secy E C Blackwell including the poem written and Rendered by Miss Lena Seely at our reunion in 1903.3 Singing by Prof. C. H. Congdon after which W. E. Selph (who had Tokens of Remembrances) presented the Little ones and also he gave tokens to his aunts and uncle.4

Mrs. Carrie Smith favored us with a song. Reminicenses was given by The older Members of the Society -- Mrs. Jane Tubbs, E. B. Campbell & others. Singing by Clara Eaton. Remarks were made by Jabez Buck, E S Pratt, Wallace Buck, C H Lugg, F D Selph & Jas. Loop.

Following was Corus [sic] singing entitled at our Campbell Reunion. The Farewell Remarks were given by W. E. Selph.

One Hundred Sixty were present and from the Far West we welcome Mrs. Georgia Congdon Parks -- our family.

Registration of the Members present was then taken after which a Group of the Campbells was photographed by Mr. Watkins.

The officers for the coming year were elected as follows
A.E. Campbell Pres.
T.C. Campbell Vice "
Judd [sic] Seely Secretary
M.B. Seely Treasurer

We then joined in singing Goodbye with you till we meet again.

The meeting then adjourned. After Renewing friendships and family. Greetings

E. C. Blackwell

1. Minister of the Beechers Island Presbyterian Church.

2. Charley Blackwell made an error in writing the minutes. Elizabeth (who was my aunt), was called "Lizzie" as a child, and "Betty" as an adult. When Charley wrote "Lizzie" he probably was referring to her younger sister, Isabelle -- or possibly to her older sister, Jessica. -- all three were present.

3. The sentence may seem strange, but that's the way it was written.

4. I.e. children of Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell or their spouses. We know from the registration sheet and minutes that Eleanor (Campbell) Bosard, Phebe (Campbell) Hoyt, Jane (Campbell) Tubbs, Dollie (Bottom) Campbell and Allen Seely were present.

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