Reminiscences - Jane CAMPBELL Tubbs (1834 - 1916)

Reminiscences of Jane CAMPBELL Tubbs (1834 - 1917)

In an early time, perhaps 1840. I can remember when my father drove wolves away from the sheepfold with a pole. Soon after this a panther followed my mother along the butter-milk run-road screaming a [sic] intervals, scareing [sic] her nearly to death.

Later my brother Wm. killed a large snake on fathers farm measuring 12 feet & having 4 legs. I can also remember when we had to go to the neighbors for fire brands & carry it between two barks. matches not being so plentiful as they are now. Our cooking was all done over the fire place. using iron bake kettle & tin oven.

I was the last one born on the old log house on the flat.

I can still remember when Sister Phebe fell down the cellar-stairs & broke her jaw. but she can talk as good as ever.

We used to watch the bars to keep the cattle from going from one field to another when father was having [haying?] or any teaming instead of closing them each time.

Grandmother Campbell used to wade the river bare-footed with the children. She was 97 when she died.

Mrs. George Tubbs

[typed by Wm. Thompson from undated note handwritten by Jane Campbell Tubbs]

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