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Herbert Clinch Hughey (1857 - 1923)

Herb was born Oct. 21, 1857 in Sugar Hill, Town of Orange, Schuyler Co., NY; and died Mar. 29. 1923 in Brainerd, Crow Wing Co., MN. He married Hannah Jennie Bixby on Aug. 17, 1882. Her parents were Judson Amasa Bixby, b. 1836 in NY, and Emner Miller, b. 1832 in NY. Hannah was born Sep. 3, 1863 in NY, died Oct. 28, 1956.

Herb was the younger of two children of Elizabeth "Lib" Campbell, born Apr. 24, 1830, in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA; d. Jan. 29, 1904 in Brainerd, Crow Wing Co., MN and Daniel Hughey; b. Nov. 14, 1825, in Schuyler Co.. NY; d. Feb. 12, 1891 in Brainerd.

Herb was a devout Presbyterian and civic minded. He donated a portion of his farm as the site of a school.

Sadly, Herb's death was the inspiration for the Campbell Cousins Correspondence. He had long planned to return to Nelson to visit friends and relatives,  but didn't feel free of farm and family responsibilities to make that long a trip. But he finally decided to at last make the trip and attend the 1923 Campbell Reunion. He and Will Selph exchanged correspondence about how much Herb was looking forward to the trip --- but Herb died before he could make the trip.

Herb and Will were two of the 30 first cousins who were grandchildren of Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell. A series of letters between Herb and will discussed how all the cousins had all know each other and been close as children in Nelson, but by 1923, the surviving cousins had scattered and some had gotten out of touch. A mentioned above, this correspondence inspired Will, in reaction to Herb's death, to launch the CCC to help the surviving first cousins keep in touch and enable their children to feel connected.

Herb and Hannah Bixby Hughey had four children, all born in Crow Wing Co.:

  1. Carrie May Hughey, b. Sep 8, 1883, m. John Peterson, William L. Taylor and Leslie John "Jack" St. Clair;
  2. Judson Edgar "Edd" Hughey, b. Apr. 2, 1886, m. Anna Spencer;
  3. Harry Milton Hughey, b. Aug 17, 1893, m. Minnesota Mae Rhodes; and
  4. Mary Estella Hughey, b. Sep. 20, 1899, m. Henry George Prescott, Jr.

Mentioned in Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters:
v1r1 p3 Intro - Herb
v1r1 p6 Marcus B. Seely
v1r1 p9 Jud D. Seely
v1r1 p10 T. C. Campbell
v1r1 p12 Jud Delos Seely
v1r1 p27 Mary Lois CAMPBELL Shipman
v1r1 p32 Ada SEELY Crandall - Herb
v1r1 p33 Emma CONGDON Buck - Herb
v1r2 p4 Hannah BIXBY Hughey - Herbert
v1r2 p9 Stella LOOP Hooker Wilbur - Herbie
v1r2 p14 Carrie HUGHEY Peterson Taylor St. Claire - Pa
v1r2 p26 T. C. Campbell - Herb Hughey
v1r2 p36 Mary HUGHEY Prescott - Father
v1r2 p75 Will Selph - Hughey family
v2 p23 Jud Seely - Herbert's family
v2 p57 Carrie HUGHEY Peterson Taylor St. Claire - Pa
v2 p66 Harry Hughey - Father
v2 p84 Judson Edgar Hughey - father
v2 p98 Georgia CONGDON Parks Merritt Weir - Herb
v4 p16 Stella LOOP Hooker Wilbur - Herby
v4 p33 Edith LODER Selph - Herbert

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