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Jennie CRANE Bosard (1852 - 1925)

Jennie Crane was born Jan. 20, 1852, in NY, PA; d. Feb. 3, 1925, in Washington, DC. Married Apr 17, 1872 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA to John Mahlon Bosard, b. Nov. 10, 1848 in Osceola, Tioga Co., PA; d. Sep. 9, 1889 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua Co., NY. John's parents were Malchia D. Bosard, born in 1822 PA, and Eleanor Campbell, born in 1828 in Nelson.

Jennie's parents are unknown at this time. She came from Addison, Steuben Co., NY. She and her sister, Mrs. Susan Deland, operated a millinery shop in Nelson.

John and Jennie Crane Bosard had 3 children:

  1. Mary Evelyn Bosard, b. Jul. 21, 1873 in Addison, m. Albert B. Snavely;
  2. Eleanor Campbell Bosard, b. Jul. 18, 1879  in Nelson, m. Frank Arthur Wooster; &
  3. Florence Hortense Bosard, b. Jul. 20, 1887 in Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., PA, m. John Pratt Neal.

Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters Written:
v1r1 p15 - June 10, 1923
v1r2 p7 - Oct. 2, 1923
v2 p6 - Mar. 24, 1924

Mentioned in CCC Letters:
v1r2 p23 Anna BOSARD Owlett - Sister Jennie Bosard
v1r2 p30 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - Jennie Bosard
v2 p10 Florence BOSARD Neal - Mother
v2 pp33-35 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - Jennie Bosard
v2 p72 Edith LODER Selph - Cousin Jennie Bosard
v2 p95 Will Selph - Jennie Bosard
v3 p5 Eva HOOKER Hills - Jennie Bosard
v3 p8 Mary BOSARD Snavely - Mother
v3 p17 Inez HOYT Boller - Jennie Bosard
v3 p22 Florence BOSARD Neal - mother
v3 p28 Mark Seely - Jennie Bosard
v3 p34 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - Cousin Jennie
v3p38 Jessie OWLETT Leonard - Aunt Jennie
v3 p41 Kate CAMPBELL Horton - Cousin Jennie Bosard
v3 p47 Anna BOSARD Owlett - Jennie Bosard
v3 p56 Hannah BIXBY Hughey - Jennie Bosard
v3 p57 Will Selph - Jennie Bosard
v3 p62 Ed Congdon - Jennie Bosard
v3 p85 Jessica HOYT Thompson - Cousin Jennie
v4 p46 Florence BOSARD Neal - mother
[possibly others to be added]

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