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Mary CAMPBELL Shipman (1851 - 1927)

Mary Lois Campbell was born Dec. 22, 1851, in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA; d. Dec. 28, 1927 in Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA. Married Dec. 26, 1873 in Nelson to George Hackstaff Shipman, b. Nov. 24, 1839, in Hamilton, ON, Canada; d. Apr 27, 1922 in Mansfield. George's parents were Rev. Jacob Shipman, b. 1815 in NJ, and Lydia Price, born 1819 in Hamilton.

Mary was the eldest of 5 children of William Campbell, b. 1822 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA, d. there 1875; and Helen Peasley, born 1826 in NY, died 1876 in Nelson.

George and Mary Campbell Shipman had two children:

  1. Mabel Rose Shipman, b. Jan. 14 1875 in Nelson, m. Llewellyn B. Shaw; and
  2. Helen Campbell Shipman, b. Jun. 16, 1882 in Mansfield, m. Lewis N. Wilson and Albert Ireton.
Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters Written:
v1r1 pp26-7 June 12, 1923
v1r2 p30 Oct. 10, 1923
v2 pp33-5 Apr. 2, 1924
v3 pp33-4 Mar. 31, 1925
v4 pp69-70 Apr. 5, 1926

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v1r2 pp27-28 Kate CAMPBELL Horton - Mary C. Shipman - photo
v1r2 p68 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - Mrs. Mary Shipman
v2 p9 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - my Mother
v2 p10 Florence BOSARD Neal - Mary Shipman
v2 pp27-28 T.C. Campbell - sister Mary Shipman
v2 p29 Inez HOYT Boller - Mary Shipman
v2 p50 Helen SHIPMAN Wilson - mother
v2 p97 Mary CAMPBELL Shewman - Aunt Mary Shipman
v3 p18 Inez HOYT Boller - Mary Shipman
v3 p24 Treva HOOKER Hazlett - Mary Shipman
v3 p42 Kate CAMPBELL Horton - sister Mary
v3 p46 Ann BOSARD Owlett - Cousin Mary Shipman
v3 p52 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - my mother
v3 p62 Ed Congdon - Mary Shipman
v3 p69 T.C. Campbell - Sister Mary
v4 p29 Kate CAMPBELL Horton - sister Mary Shipman
v4 p41 Emma CONGDON Buck - Mary Shipman
v4 p46 Florence BOSARD Neal - Cousin Mary Shipman
v4 p51 Mary BOSARD Snavely - Cousin Mary Shipman
v4 p55 Frances PARKS Campbell - sister Mary Shipman
v4 p77 Jessica HOYT Thompson - Aunt Mary Shipman
v4 p80-82 St. Pete Independent clipping - Mrs. George Shipman

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