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Kate CAMPBELL Horton (1853 - 1943)

Kate Ardell Campbell was born Feb. 25, 1853, in Farmington Twp., Tioga Co., PA; d. May 6, 1943 in Portland, OR. Married Sep. 6, 1871 in Farmington Twp., to Elisha "Lish" Shore Horton , b. Jul. 19, 1842, in Spring Mills, Allegany Co., NY; d. Jan. 2, 1932 in Independence, OR. Lish' parents were Elias Horton and Almyra Knox, both born in CT.

Kate was the 2nd of 5 children of William Campbell, b. 1822 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA, d. there 1875; and Helen Peasley, born 1826 in NY, died 1876 in Nelson.

Kate and Lish lived most of their adult life in Westfield, Tioga Co., PA, but joined their children in Oregon in their old age. They still lived in Westfield in 1926. In 1925, they built bungalow in St. Pete for "wintering".

Lish and Kate Campbell Horton had four children:

  1. Frank Grant Horton, b. Sep. 23, 1872, in Nelson m. Frances Montgomery Blake and Florence M. Remer;
  2. Helen "Nellie" Campbell Horton, b. Aug. 25, 1874, in Blossburg, Tioga Co., PA, m. Zeno Clark Kimball;
  3. Harry John Horton, b. Mar. 15 1878 in Nelson, m. Helen Hamilton; and
  4. Arthur Elisha Horton, b. Jan. 16, 1885 in Nelson, m. Grace Sharp.
CCC Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters Written:
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v1r2 pp27-8 Oct. 8, 1923 - photo
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v3 p41-3 Apr. 2, 1925
v4 p29-30 Mar. 20, 1926

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v1r2 p68 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - Mr. & Mrs. E. S. Horton
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v3 p33 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - Sister Kate & Lish
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v3 p62 Ed Congdon - Lish & Kate
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v4 p69; 70 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - Kate; Lish & Kate
v4 p73 Ed T. Congdon - Kate, Lish & Nellie

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