1911 Campbell Cousins Dinner Attendees and Minutes

Campbells of Nelson, PA

November 4th, 1911

Attendees [at 1911 Campbell Cousins Dinner1]

Met at the home of Chas and Laura Mowrie, Farmington, PA.4 All had a grand time.  Letters read from Emma Buck, Mabel Shipman, Will Selph. a invitation from Emma Buck for the cousins to meet with her in 1912. was voted on and accepted.

1. The Campbell Cousins Reunions ran from 1893 to 1942, and were open to the public, but were for the descendants of Joseph & Mary Harper Campbell, associated Lugg and Blackwell families, and friends. Attendance was sometimes several hundred. The Cousins Dinners started in 1909 and were by invitation only. They were primarily for the grandchildren of Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell. Attendance seldom was more than 50.]

2. Perhaps Mary HAZLETT Seely; but probably Mary E. SEELY Burdick West.

3. Presumably Perry Tubbs (1898 - 1965), adopted son of Henry and Myra Bulkley Tubbs, and who lived in Osceola and who graduated from Elkland High in 1912.

4. Farmington Twp., Tioga Co., PA.

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