CCC Vol. 4 p.85 Edith LODER Selph


"Tell us some tales, Aunt Jane", we'd say,
"Of events that belong to a bygone day;
Of our ancestors of the Campbell Clan,
Try to remember all that you can."

Then Aunt Jane would start reminiscing and tell
Her stories of folks whom you all know well;
And too, her memory would willingly rove
To the earlier days - and a treasure - trove
Of Interesting recollections we would hear
About the kin, both far and near.

Genealogy? Yes, if we wanted to know
The date of birth of so-and-so,
Or when somebody married or someone "went home"
Or, when some Cousin did far away roam,
Aunt Jane would sit down on any summer's day
And spin her tales in her own quaint way;
So many things she could recall -
We wish now, we could remember them all.

Aunt Jane, herself, was as "good as gold";
Of her, many stories could be told;
No one in need, she turned away;
She cared for the sick full many a day;
And both aged and young, she helped them too;
Many a kindly deed she'd do.
"The cup of cold water" she gladly gave
To help a troubled soul to save.

_ _ _ _

Along "Memory Lane" we will now slowly walk
And hearken awhile to Aunt Jane's quaint talk.
These "Memoirs" that follow, with Scripture oft-quoted
Are well-worth some thought of their precepts thus noted.

* * * *

* * * * E.L.S.

Volume IV - Page 85

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