CCC Vol. 4 p.85 Hannah J. BIXBY Hughey

Brainerd, Minn.,

April 20th, 1926.

Dear Campbell Cousins:-

Spring has begun in earnest with all its attendant duties. I should like to have written a long letter for the C.C.C. but I just haven't been able to find the time. I hope I may be forgiven. Even now I must get Mary to write it for me.

I have a hundred little baby chicks that require much of my attention. I sent to the Farrow Chickeries,Peoria, Illinois, for day old chicks of the start mating variety of White Leghorns. I have a "Sol-Hot" Brooder, and Harry is building a six by ten brooder house for them.

We are all well and busy. We had an enjoyable visit with Cousins Ed and Emma Congdon last summer and one from Cousin Charlie Congdon this winter. We would be glad to see more of the Cousins.



Volume IV - Page 85
(Elizabeth Campbell Family)

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