CCC Vol. 4 p.83 Edward Young

430 W. 119th St.,

New York City, N.Y.,

April 20, 1926.

Dear Campbell Cousins:-

From the date of this letter I am afraid that some will conclude that I was one of those that never did quite arrive when that chorus "The Campbells are Coming", was so joyously and triumphantly sung. But please do not attribute my habit of procrastination to my being a musician as so many are prone to do. Since I really have an excuse I, paradoxically enough, hasten to give it.

This winter I have been attending New York University and a year from now I expect to get a degree at that Institution. Besides carrying a full University course I have continued my professional work as organist and piano teacher and have tried to do some practicing on the side. Next year I hope to get a room down at Washington Square in one of the University's dormitories. That will eliminate a daily subway ride which those who haven't lived in New York can hardly appreciate. New York subways should furnish real estate agents in smaller cities wonderful material for advertising.

Last summer I had the pleasure of attending the Campbell reunion at Nelson and of meeting many of my Cousins. That dinner we ate under the trees in the school yard surely should disprove all the stories one hears about Scotch [sic] parsimony. It did hurt me though to see all those watermelons uneaten. I hope some one planted their seeds that we may reap the benefits this year.

A week ago I went down to see my brother Roswell off as he sailed for Europe on the Leviathan and went all through that wonderful ship that Americans may well be proud of, even though it was made by Germans. I suppose that when a heavy sea comes up that its passengers feel toward it as they would toward any ship. I shall know better when my brother returns and tells me how many meals he ate while crossing.

I have had the feeling while writing this letter that I haven't had much of interest to relate. The life of a busy student isn't the romantic life that yields much of interest to write about, which some will be surprised to hear. Here's hoping that I will have more to tell my Cousins next year. Until then I shall wish them all health and prosperity.

Sincerely yours,


Volume IV - Page 83
(John H. Campbell Family)

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