CCC Vol. 4 p.67 Frank G. Horton

#2496 Sandy Boulevard,

Portland, Oregon,

April 1st, 1926.

To all the Cousins, - Greetings:-

I consider it a privilege as well as a pleasure to contribute a few lines each year to the Cousins Book, but some of us let business interfere with pleasure and the letter is neglected, - that was my case last year but never again.

Of course the most of you know by this time that the distinguished travellers [sic], Lish and Kate, have just paid a flying visit1 to the Pacific Coast on account of the serious illness of my sister, Nellie, who I am glad to say is now getting along nicely, and while they enjoyed the summer like weather of Oregon, I think "the call of the wild" tract of Pine Creek2, called Lish and his friends and home life of home3 called Kate, so we bade them goodby again and they are now on their way back to where the sun rises and the Cousins are more numerous, - anyway we have had a very enjoyable visit with a wonderful couple who can pack their grips over night and start for the end of the trail thousands of miles away and reach it as spry and as fresh as a couple of kids.

And now that they have proven how easy it is why not some of the rest of you Cousins try it out just once an see what a hearty welcome the Cousins of Oregon will give you?

This is the first of April in Oregon and everything is in bloom, - fresh garden truck coming in from the J & P gardners [sic] and everything advanced like June in Pennsylvania. We do not know the change of seasons except from the calendar but sometimes I long for a bob-sled ride on the Dug road4 and a skate on the old Cowanesque, - and some day I'm going to do it.

With best wishes to all, I am,

Sincerely yours,


1. Of course by "flying vist" he meant "quick trip". Cross country commercial aviation wasn't available. They would have come by train.

2. Lish was a fisherman.

3. This doesn't make sense to me. But handwritten letters were sent to Will Selph. He had them typed up for mimeographing, duplicated and bond. The original typist may have misread Frank's writing or made a transcription error.

4. "Dug Road" was a common name in Tioga County's townships and in surrounding counties. But Frank was probably referring to the one near Westfield, PA. A road cut would be an ideal place for a do it yourself bobsled run.

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