CCC Vol. 4 p.44 Elizabeth HOYT Walker

North Brookfield, N.Y.,

March 30, 1926

Dear Cousins:-

I am listening to WJZ tonight and will try to write my "Cousins letter" at ehe same time.

This last winter has been a long winter for us. The roads have all been closed since about the first of January. If Cousin Hugh Ellison would make us a visit now we would show him what real snow drifts looked like.

Had a letter from Auntie this week, she enclosed one from Cousin Em Buck or Aunt Em as we girls1 always called her. How I liked to visit her at Sugar Hill,2 and drive Dexter3 all over the hills.

The only time I ever remember seeing Cousin George, was the first time mother and I went there. He was just getting ready to leave and Aunt Em had gotten him a lunch and the one thing I remember about him was that he put butter on his whipped cream cake.

Joe is getting along good in school. He has had great sport skiing and riding down hill this winter.

David has been sick a lot, but thinks he wil be alrignt again when he can get out doors.4

With best wishes to all,



1. By "we girls" Betty meant herself and her two sisters, Jessica and Isabelle.

2. The community of Sugar Hil was in the Town of Orange, Schuyler Co., NY.

3. Presumably Dexter was a carriage horse of the Buck's and Betty had the use of him and a bugy.

4. Dave remaind an outdoorsman all his life. He was an enthusiastic trapper, hunter and fisherman.

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